High Performing Teams – Presentation by Heather Warner

Heather Warner, Principal of WCA Solutions will share her knowledge on the most effective management strategies that generate excellent employee performance.
The biggest challenge facing managers and leaders in today’s workplace is to ensure teams remain productive, proactive and motivated. Refresh your thinking and hear Heather’s insights to be exposed to new ideas and the latest research.
Download the presentation slides here:
BWA High Performing Teams by Heather Warner WCA
Delve into how to improve performance, building a trust-based work place that brings out the best in teams.

This presentation was hosted by Business Women Australia’s National Partners, Shadforth Financial Group.

About Heather Warner:
Heather is a Premium Member of Business Women Australia and Principal of WCA – Outsourced HR Solutions. She has over 20 years’ experience in organisational development and Human Resource management in both public, private and not for profit sectors in Australia and the United Kingdom. Heather has a Bachelor of Economics (UWA), her practitioner certificate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, an MBTI accreditation and a Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching. She is best known for her work as a strategic HR management consultant with a productive team providing services in general HR, organisational development; recruitment and selection; induction; staff development; industrial relations management and troubleshooting; performance management; training and coaching. Heather recently completed 8 years serving on Scotch College Council with 4 years as Deputy Chair, is a member of the State Leadership Group of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF WA) and has previously served on a number of not for profit organisations.

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The Super Power of Mindfulness 

It is not surprising that many individual and company goals this year included elements of health, well-being, and mindfulness. Corporate wellness programs have come a long way and are no longer just a “fad” according to social entrepreneur and Diamond member, Vida Carlino.

Science has made us aware of the benefits of healthy eating, exercise and sleep, when we don’t get enough of it, most of us feel guilty.  Mindfulness is next health discovery and mindful practices are likely to keep increasing, as organisations understand they need wellness initiatives to remain current and competitive.

In this Power Hour, Vida will explore the elephant in the room what mindfulness is and how it defines your future. She will look at how you and your workplace can improve productivity, health, and happiness through mindful practices.

VIDA CARLINO – Profile Page

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Become Known as a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Podcast popularity is rising. Learn how a well-conceived podcast can position you as a Thought Leaders in your industry while continuing to be an effective, convenient and intimate way to connect with your audience.

It is no longer enough to deliver and produce content and hope for the best, but vital to consider how your podcast series can cut through the noise, be memorable and build ongoing relationships with your clients, prospects, employees, and stakeholders.


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Mentoring Regional Businesses

Diamond Member Maree Gooch and Principal at Belay Consulting, is helping business operators in rural and regional Australia get a clearer vision of where they want to go and how to get there.

Maree Gooch thinks most business owners already have the answers to their business challenges – they just don’t know how to unlock them.

Maree is an experienced business mentor who has worked as a primary producer and tourism operator, so she knows a thing or two about regional business.

We all go in to do things but we don’t necessarily know what we don’t know.
Maree Gooch, Principal at Belay Consulting

She spoke with Regional Voices about the key things to begin or fast track a prosperous business, why personal and business goals are inextricably linked, and why she attributes her own success in part to having had great mentors.


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Professional BIO

PREMIUM members receive a showcase listing on our member directory including a profile image, links to your website, social handles, videos and media-ready biography that needs to be written in the third person.
Your BIO

What is your purpose?

Why are you writing this bio, and who is the audience? What readers are you trying to attract?

Write in the Third Person

Your bio should sound objectively written. It should sound as if it is in the narrative mode.

Size IS important

Your bio should be able to be used for multiple purposes. For print, for web bio’s, for guest blogs, for event introductions and many more. Different platforms will require different sized bios, so you need to ensure your entire bio is media ready for each request.

A micro bio is basically your elevator pitch – one or two brief sentences.

Your short bio (one or two paragraphs) should be one long paragraph, jam packed with punchy information.

Your longer bio (one page) sums you up in detail.

What is your name?

Always start with your name – just like you would when you introduce yourself.

And what do you do?

Be punchy and upfront and don’t be shy. Straight away state your business and title, your accomplishments. Entice your reader to be intrigued to read more about you!

But who are you really?

Don’t write it with a voice that isn’t your own. Although it is in third person, doesn’t mean it has to come from the voice of a person who doesn’t know you! Throw in your flavour and personality. Give a little secret into who you are, what you like, your passions, joys and real interests. You may have a real connection with a reader!

Can I call you?

Now… what is your number?
And more importantly – what in your LinkedIn profile link?

Are you sure?

Read, re-write, read again!! Double check – your incorrect spelling and bad grammar will be the face of you if you don’t check your work.

Please complete the following to help us build your profile:


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Leader Brand Exercise

To work more consciously and a little more deliberately on what our personal leadership brand could look like in the future, construct a leadership brand statement.

CLICK HERE to Download: Leader Brand Exercise

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