Collaborate and Grow

In the world of business, it is important to surround yourself with dynamic, interesting people with similar values. Business Women Australia is a great platform to share ideas, laugh, learn, collaborate and grow your business.
Jennifer Than-Htay,

marketing strategist, speaker, facilitator

InCahoots Marketing 


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A very positive experience!

I have attended a few events now with Business Women Australia, I found it really beneficial not only from a networking event but meeting women in similar roles or those that desire roles or businesses that people have.

BWA gives business women an opportunity to speak to people and glean knowledge, information and to be able to understand the good and bad of running a business or working in a senior role.

Meeting women from all walks of life is a fabulous experience, this is a forum to be able to do this in a busy world that we all live in and at a convenient time and place.  A very positive experience!

I would recommend BWA not only from a networking perspective but the experience of meeting new and exciting women who have stepped out of the norm and challenged the status quo.

Jane McMahon
Jane McMahon Consulting

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Supportive, Professional Collective

I have been a member of Business Women Australia since first speaking on a panel at one of their fabulous flagship events.  I’ve encouraged my Co-Directors and employees at Mi Casa Property Boutique to join too as it is such a supportive, professional collective of women in business.  I love the fact that it attracts high level women from all sectors and professions. and I’ve enjoyed emceeing for BWA events.  Attending the boardroom banters and Circles has been good to tap into the expertise of specialists. As an owner of three busy companies I cannot stress how important it is to expand your network and  develop close relationships with like-minded people. The Soiree has been the best event this year I have to say – champagne, oysters and great friends – it doesn’t get better than that!

Sue Pember – Mi Casa Property Boutique

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Opportunities to Flourish

Being a part of BWA has been enriching and a lot of fun, it is an asset to have so many genuine connections and conversations with other female entrepreneurs that are also on the journey of female leadership and business ownership. BWA has provided opportunities for me to establish many personal and professional relationships that have influenced the way I do business. I look at BWA as a magnet that attracts the modern business women and then offers her resources, and opportunities to flourish within a thriving community. I am grateful to be part of a team of women who genuinely care and contribute to each other’s success. I am proud to be a member of BWA, a collective of women who walk their talk.

Vida Carlino – Inspiration Source

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A Strong and Engaging Network

I can warmly recommend BWA to anyone who is looking to connect with wonderful, inspiring women; to anyone who is ready to learn, grow and live up to their full professional potential, and who enjoys thriving in a circle of like-minded powerful women.
I came across BWA when attending one of their fabulous events and was amazed by their commitment, engagement and dedication to bring together and support busy women. In our modern lives that are more and more filled with pressure, noise and demands, it really is priceless to build a strong network of encouraging women who spur you on.

Ruth Balsiger
Nutrition & Health Coach

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Engaging and Enjoyable

I recently attended the Business Women Australia Impact Education Success Circle “Team Engagement for Greater Growth” presented by Suzzanne Laidlaw in Perth.  I returned to my office with some great ideas on how to engage with my team to provide a fun and enjoyable working environment for the team which will encourage them to assist in growing our business.  A very pleasant way to spend a lunch time meeting with interesting business women in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Janie Quinn – Thornton Business Advisors


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