Leader Brand Exercise

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To work more consciously and a little more deliberately on what our personal leadership brand could look like in the future, construct a leadership brand statement.
Take for example… a new CFO’s leadership brand statement might look like “I want to be known for being independently innovative, deliberately collaborative and strategically results-oriented so that I can deliver superior financial outcomes for my business.”

I want to be known for being…

So that I can deliver…

I want to be known for my three most important values;

Ask yourself these questions:
1. Is the brand identity that best represents who I am and what I can do?
2. Is this brand identity something that creates value in the eyes of my organisation and key stakeholders?
3. What risks am I taking by exhibiting this brand?
4. Can I live this brand and make it real?

Our personal leadership brand can remind us what we really stand for and why we do what
we do.

To make your brand identity real, invite feedback. If there is a misalignment between your stated brand and the brand you live, it will create cynicism because we have to be true to our promise.

To ensure that the leadership brand you promote is embodied in your daily work, check in with those around you. Do they see you as you wish to be seen? If you say you are flexible and approachable, do others find you so? If you say you’re decisive and focused, do others see you making decisions? If you say you are collaborative and inclusive, do others feel this to be true?

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