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Kicking Assets: When it Comes to Your Wealth, Who is Your Sensei?

Kicking AssetsWhen it comes to your wealth, who is your Sensei? Not too many people stride confidently into the dojo on their first visit – most often, even if they’ve studied a martial art previously, they’re conscious to get an idea of ‘the lay of the land’ as they take those first few steps onto the mats. People come to the dojo for many reasons, sometimes it’s to improve their

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Success: A Head and Heart Perspective

Success: a Head and Heart Perspective Following some conversation with members of Business Women Australia, I was inspired to look at deeper, more meaningful measures of success. We have explored the concept of head and heart leadership. This really does put things into perspective when applied to goal setting and where to focus our efforts Here are a few ideas on how I am approaching a more integrated Head and

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Securing the Digital Future: Navigating AI and Cybersecurity Challenges for Australian Businesses in 2024

Securing the Digital Future: Navigating AI and Cybersecurity Challenges forAustralian Businesses in 2024 Australian businesses are at the forefront of innovation in this digital age, driving growth and embracing new technologies. However, this digital transformation also brings to light the shadow of cyber threats that exploit the vast interconnectedness of our online world. The year 2024 presents not only opportunities for digital expansion but also the imperative need for robust

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Building Financial Acumen: Moving Away From a Scarcity Mindset with Shayne Sommer

Focusing on building financial acumen involves analysing our understanding of our current financial position and looking for ways to improve, refine and enhance not only our knowledge but also our behaviours relating to financial matters.Uncertainty around financial affairs can come from a ‘scarcity mindset’ – a feeling that if others are achieving high returns in their investments, that there will be ‘less available’ for everyone else. You may have encountered

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Witnessing a Generational Change with Catherine Leach

In many ways, my life feels like it belongs to a bygone era. I grew up long ago, and my experiences seem distant from the present, as if they’re from another century,  which in fact they were. Over the past 50 years, I’ve witnessed a generational shift. My mother, once a city dweller with a thriving nursing career, chose to embrace a more conventional life. She married at 27, considered

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Top Tip for People Aged 20- 30: Buy your First Home with Superannuation.

Top Tip for People Aged 20- 30: Buy your First Home with Superannuation. Did you know that there’s a smart way to save for your first home using your superannuation? InMarch 2023, the First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) opened up an exciting opportunity foraspiring homeowners. Let’s dive into the basics of how this scheme can help you unlock your dream home. How Does It Work? When you think of

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