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Taking the Gender Debate Up a Level

Leaders who embrace both masculine and feminine energy engage their teams, collaborate better and can work for the greater good. How we work, not just what we do, should be a focus of our performance.

Recent Gallup studies have shown that actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees by at least 2-to-1 on a global scale.

According to my guest she believes that because we have around 50% of disengagement in employees, this says we have a problem with leadership and the environments we create in business – something she’s on a personal mission to change.

Joining me today is Rebecca Livesey.

An executive coach and leadership specialist, Rebecca is passionate about creating lasting positive change in business, and the critical role of feminine energy in doing this. She believes that we will have true equality when the feminine is valued in balance with the masculine, in both women and men, and society at large.

Rebecca has held numerous leadership roles across Australia and the UK in a range of industries including energy, logistics, and mining services, even being a CIO with no technical background. She has an MA in Mathematics from Oxford and is an accredited behavioural profiler and NLP mindset coach.

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Branding Tips to Survive in Today’s Market Save Branding Tips to Survive in Today’s Market

Are you struggling to have your message heard amongst all the online noise? You know the importance of building a strong brand, but don’t know where to start?
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Cross-Cultural Intelligence – interview
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Dealing with Disruption – interview
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Life reflects who we are willing to be – interview

Vida is a published author and speaker, leading coach in conscious evolution, authentic account-ability and inspirational mindset. She guides entrepreneurs and professionals to show up fully, be self-empowered and succeed through deliberate design.


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Agility – Zigging & Zagging

You have to be skilled. knowledgeable and incredibly tough to survive. Our staff are trained and coached by Tony Robbins. We draw on and integrate his years of experience with millions of people in our business and personal development strategies.  Click here to watch
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