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The Entrepreneurs Mindset – Tanuja Sanders & Lyn Hawkins

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Diversity in The Workpace – Lyn Hawkins

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Property Law – Common Traps to Avoid -Anne Hurley

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Women in Leadership

We will have true equality when the feminine is valued in balance with the masculine, in both women and men, and society at large.
Gender diversity and women in leadership are hot topics in business right now. And with good reason when we look at any of the stats. But sometimes I think we are having the wrong conversation. If we moved away from gender for a moment and considered energy type, interesting parallels and discussions emerge.

Masculine energy is ‘Mind’ energy, where feminine energy is ‘Heart’ energy. Masculine energy is characterised by ‘doing’, linear logical thinking, certainty, structure, assertion, being directive and focus more on the individual. Feminine energy is the contrast and is characterised by ‘being’, creativity, intuition and the unknown, formlessness, attraction, being receptive and focus on the collective. We need both intertwined in balance and know when and how to access either in life, leadership and business.

So if you’re

Fed up of the politics, toxicity and mindless self-interest that has crept into the workplace?
Annoyed by diversity actions that don’t feel authentic because they just ‘tick the box’?
Exhausted forever changing yourself to fit into a culture you hate, knowing you have so much more to offer?

 Then the opportunity has arrived to change the way we do business

In this workshop, we will explore how to easily and effortlessly flex your leadership style to make a difference in the workplace (& beyond!) using the strength of your authentic self.

We will learn how to leverage your different leadership and communication strengths to get the most our of those around you, ad say goodbye to the ‘command and control’ style once and for all.

Together we can change the corporate world for the better, and drive a difference approach to functional leadership.

Rebecca Livesey



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A very positive experience!

I have attended a few events now with Business Women Australia, I found it really beneficial not only from a networking event but meeting women in similar roles or those that desire roles or businesses that people have.

BWA gives business women an opportunity to speak to people and glean knowledge, information and to be able to understand the good and bad of running a businesses or working in a senior role.

Meeting women from all walks of life is a fabulous experience, this is a forum to be able to do this in a busy world that we all live in and at a convenience time and place.  A very positive experience!

I would recommend BWA not only from a networking perspective but the experience of meeting new and exciting women who have stepped out of the norm and challenged the status quo.

Jane McMahon
Jane McMahon Consulting

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I love strategy!

So it’s no secret that I love strategy! I truly love the power a great strategy can have in both big and small business. Since I started One Small Step Business Coaching, my mission has been to get people as excited and comfortable with utilising strategic planning within their businesses as I am. I want not only my clients, but the wider small business community to realise that creating a game-changing strategy for your business does not have to be boring, complicated or overly time-consuming – in fact, it should be quite the opposite! And I firmly believe that by utilising my six key steps to creating your own business strategy, you will be so much closer not only to realising your business potential, but to gaining clarity, direction and motivation to chase down those goals yourself.


For me, every business strategy needs to start with a solid foundation – akin to building a house, you must start from the ground up. And your business foundation is always your business vision, your business mission and of course, your business values. Having these three things certainly isn’t a new concept, but far too many businesses fail to firstly identify these things, and secondly make them the foundational piece of their total business strategy. We know that purpose driven businesses, also known as social enterprise, are out-performing the more traditional business model, and with good reason. Consumers are far more savvy, more demanding and more informed than they have ever been, and social media in particular has had a drastic impact on the way we consume information. To stand out, small businesses must make their values the key ingredient in their branding, and of course in their sales and marketing.


Join me at the BWA Boardroom Banter event, Wednesday 13th September, to hear more about my Top Six Business Planning Basics, and the power of utilising a great strategy for your business.

Lanna Hill

One Step Coaching

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