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Co-creating Your Success

Welcome to Australia’s Most Dynamic Network of Businesswomen.

We are committed to empowering women in business by cultivating genuine connections and fostering personal growth. Our community is comprised of women from all sectors, industries, and states, united by a shared goal to help each other succeed and achieve our

We pride ourselves on working closely with our members to create and execute activities and events that highlight their skills, knowledge, and businesses. Our adaptable approach encourages innovative ideas and inspiration that fosters our members’ growth and development. In essence, we believe that we are co-creating your success, and that’s what makes us unique.

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Join us at our upcoming event to discover how we can contribute to your success. 


Business Women Australia is a national collective of women who are passionate about business success and personal growth.

We are generous in sharing knowledge and support, helping each other achieve goals and dreams.

We invite you to JOIN Business Women Australia

Business Women Australia  (BWA) brings together business women from all sectors, industries and states:

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Executives, directors and managers
  • Professionals
  • Women on Boards
  • Leaders and Emerging Leaders
 BWA is focused on key areas:
  • Leadership
  • Business Improvement
  • Personal Growth
  • Influence and Profile
  • Connections and Friendship

BE ALERT: Fraud is on the rise where organisations and individuals are being deceived with people misrepresenting themselves and asking for money.

We have been alerted that an individual may have been posing as a Business Women Australia representative promising donations and funds transfers, requesting financial payments to be made to their bank account to cover international taxes and transfers.

Be alert to these kinds of crimes.

If anyone contacts you representing Business Women Australia and requesting money in order to receive financial or other support, please alert us via our contact form and report the matter to the relevant authorities..

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