Perth, Chats, Cheese & Wine: Retrieving my True Self

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Retrieving my True Self

Perth, Chats, Cheese & Wine: Retrieving my True Self

August 17, 2023 @ 4:45 pm – 6:45 pm
Inspiration Space (Entrance facing 9th Avenue)
885 Beaufort Street Inglewood
WA 6052 Australia
Perth, Chats, Cheese & Wine: Retrieving my True Self @ Inspiration Space (Entrance facing 9th Avenue)

Join Business Women Australia members, guests and friends as we dig deeper with this welcoming group, sharing a genuine conversation that delves into our true selves.

In a safe space (with wine and nibbles) we will explore what being your true self means and how living authentically, expressing thoughts, feelings, and beliefs can be enlightening in so many ways. Living in alignment with your values and identity involves embracing and accepting who you truly are, without feeling the need to conform.

Our host and facilitator, Vida Carlino, will guide our cheese and chats, as we consider the moments when we have demonstrated our true self, not pretending to be someone we’re not or hiding our thoughts and emotions.

Being your true self can lead to a sense of fulfilment, inner peace, and a deeper connection with others. It allows the cultivation of genuine relationships based on understanding and acceptance. Discovering and embracing your true self is a lifelong journey and continued nurturing. Join this small group, as we take time out to self-reflect, build self-awareness, explore and grow.

If you have been looking to connect more deeply with other business and professional women, this conversational event is for you.

Register today as the event is limited to 16 business women. Chatham House rules apply. What is said or happens, stays in the space.

 About Vida Carlino

Vida is a Published Author, Speaker and Leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindfulness and authentic accountability. She is a social entrepreneur, founder of Inspiration Source, owner of the Inspiration Space and author of MY POWER STATEMENT. Vida strives to inspire everyone to live a more enriched, fulfilling and conscious life. Since the age of 24, Vida has been in business for herself, and successfully owned and operated multiple businesses. As an experienced and wise facilitator Vida deliberately creates micro moments of impact to inspire a willingness to express the trust that allows real conversation to unfold regardless of discomfort, challenge or viewpoint.

These conversations are a unique opportunity for honest engagement and openness. In the quest for professional, business and material success, there is often a longing for meaningful connection with self and others. This is a meaningful experience for women, no matter what their title, role or expertise is. I am looking forward to hosting. We welcome every woman to the table.” Vida Carlino

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