Online, The HR Boardroom Panel: Rise of the Executive Freelancer

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Online, The HR Boardroom Panel: Rise of the Executive Freelancer

October 27, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 1:45 pm
Online, The HR Boardroom Panel: Rise of the Executive Freelancer @ ONLINE

Our expert panel facilitated by National Director of BWA, Lyn Hawkins will delve into the implications of the augmented workplace from both a flexible workplace enterprise and individual HR perspective.   

Our panel comprises Brisbane based thought leaders and human capital experts, Sonia La Penna (Director, HR Synergy), Jill Hignett (Practice Group Leader, HR Law) and Richard Triggs (CEO, Arate Executive).

In the new world of work, the rise of the executive freelancer brings opportunities and challenges as we reinvigorate economic growth in Australia.  Tapping into the knowledge, experience and expertise of an educated and wise pool of local and global talent has never been more accessible and flexible.  

How will organisations re-think their workforce & talent strategy to access executive level expertise for competitive advantage? 

As organisations have become increasingly ‘lean’ to survive, a massive powerhouse of human capital is now accessible and available to entities who may have never imagined they could engage a seasoned strategic executive as a freelancer or contractor. Those quick to explore these opportunities, also need to be aware of effective ways to secure engagement to build a cohesive executive team that might be augmented and dispersed across locations, but all working to achieve a shared vision and mission. 

This panel discussion will cover leadership, legal, management and industry implications of the new workforce, as well as exploring the benefits and tactics of career transition for executives who are embracing the new, flexible world of freelance contracting and consulting.

This event begins at:

WA: 10:30 am

NT: 12:00 pm

SA: 1:00 pm

QLD: 12:30 pm

NSW/VIC: 1:30 pm

About Sonia La Penna:

Sonia La Penna is the Director of HR Synergy Consulting and host of BWA’s HR Boardroom round-table webinars. With over 18 years HR industry experience across service sectors, Sonia provides HR executive services to organisations, partnering with the CEO and executive team, to lead and support the people strategies needed. Sonia has a focus on mergers and acquisitions, business and department restructure, building organisational culture as well as leadership performance/capability and team performance dynamics. She is an innovative and contemporary HR executive, and engages stakeholders at all levels of an organisation to design, plan and deliver contemporary ‘tailored made’ HR business solutions. Sonia is an experienced facilitator of conferences, leadership & culture programs, and strategy planning workshops. She has worked for medium to large organisations including Credit Union Australia, Serco Sodexo Defence Services, Super Retail Group and Brazin Ltd.

About Jill Hignet:

Jill is the Practice Group Leader of HR Law. She has extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of workplace law and acts for numerous large, medium and small employer clients at State, Federal and international levels. In addition, Jill has general commercial litigation experience and is a qualified workplace trainer holding a Certificate IV in workplace training. Jill is a founding committee member of the Queensland Law Society Workplace Relations Specialist Accreditations Committee and held the position of Chairman for a number of years. Jill is also a past member of the Queensland Law Society Court Procedure and Process Committee. Jill has authored numerous articles and has presented in a variety of forums as an expert in Workplace Relations law.

About Richard Triggs:

Richard is the CEO and Founder of Arete Executive. He is a passionate networker and focused exclusively on executive recruitment, having placed well over 800 executives in senior roles and assisting more than 2,500 executives through career development and recruitment workshops. He has a deep understanding of C-Suite and Board level roles for both private, government-owned, NFP and ASX companies. He is the author of “Uncover the Hidden Job Market – How to Find and Win Your Next Senior Executive Role“, a Podcast host and the co-founder and facilitator of “Champions’ Forum” groups for executives. Richard regularly presents to Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology, Australian Institute of Management and other industry groups about executive career progression.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree majoring in Marketing and Human Resource Management and a Masters in Business Administration – and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM), an active member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) and an alumni member of Queensland Leaders.

About Lyn Hawkins:

Lyn is the National Director of Business Women Australia and a management consultant with a focus on business growth, marketing and cultural transformation. She has held senior roles with KPMG, HHG Legal Group, HLB Mann Judd and Telstra, in addition to General Management roles with technology-based businesses. As a Principal of a successful consulting practice Lyn works predominantly with professional services firms (legal, accounting and technology) and executive teams developing and implementing business strategies. Lyn deeply values the opportunity to explore and grow. She loves experimenting with new ideas and experiences, and enjoys opportunities to hold space for others (and for herself). “Where there is a mix of diverse, eclectic individuals you never know what to expect, but when you allow courage, truth and acceptance to take you all into a new place, good things happen.”

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