Online, Second Momentum: Starting A Business vs Climbing the Career Ladder

September 3, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:15 pm
Online, Second Momentum: Starting A Business vs Climbing the Career Ladder @ ONLINE

Join National Director of BWA, Lyn Hawkins with mastermind guru Michelle Pascoe as she shares her knowledge and expertise as an entrepreneur and successful business woman who helps others transition their lives to realise a new vision.

If you have left your current career and no longer get excited about climbing the corporate ladder, or transitioning from the workplace, scaling a hobby or have a dream to do something different, register and join the conversation. Stepping out to do something meaningful with this next chapter of your life can be exciting and rewarding.

Michelle will explore ways to successfully transition from the corporate world to start your own business. Her passion is in helping others become their “own boss” embracing a “Second Momentum” to make that change.

Never before has it been more important to take charge of your future and arm yourself with the insights and knowledge that will help you embark on a successful transition.

Everyone is welcome. This is an interactive webinar, with live Q&A designed for women who are transitioning into a new phase of their working lives. It will be invaluable, not only at a personal level, but also if you are supporting others make the change.

Register today for the secure zoom link.

Webinar Times:

WA: 12.00noon – 1.15pm

SA, NT: 1.30am – 2.45pm

NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT: 2.00pm – 3.15pm

Who is this Mastermind designed for:

This is designed for those looking at how to pursue their passion in business and take the leap to start something new. Whether you are thinking about it, or have made the leap and ready to go, join us in this BWA Zoom mastermind and leverage the wisdom and lessons learned by a business woman who knows how to be successful, Michelle Pascoe.

PROFESSIONALS who want to establish their own firm, with a brand new culture and more flexible client focus.

BUSINESS OWNERS looking to re-start with a fresh idea building on their past experiences while setting themselves up for success in the new normal.

EMPLOYEES with want to take the leap and start out on their own journey where they no longer have to compromise and answer to an employer who just hasn’t got the vision they want to follow.

Now is the time to invest in YOU.

About Michelle Pascoe – Michelle is a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach, trainer, podcaster and a Nanna. She established her company Optimum Operating Procedures & Services (better known as OOPS) in 1994 and is a popular keynote speaker on the subjects of customer services, performance and engagement. Michelle has worked with people in organisations showing them how to lead a multi generational workplace while creating memorable customer experiences. Her latest passion project “Second Momentum” was established as a coaching and advisory service for ambitious, clever individuals keen to transition from corporate life into a business of their own. Michelle is a Premium member of Business Women Australian. “I love Igniting the potential in people to build the business or career they’ve always dreamed of.” Michelle Pascoe. Read more about Michelle HERE.

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