Online, Motivation Maestros with Pauline Bright, Lyn Hawkins & Robyn Moyle

Online, Motivation Maestros with Pauline Bright, Lyn Hawkins & Robyn Moyle

April 6, 2020 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Online, Motivation Maestros with Pauline Bright, Lyn Hawkins & Robyn Moyle

Don’t miss this free Motivation Maestro Mastermind. The perfect way to get Massive Momentum …

  • Are you wondering how to motivate your team?
  • Stay powering forward yourself?
  • Have you experienced a major change, a crisis, a merger or seasonal crunch that has disrupted business?

Join Business Designer, Pauline Bright, BWA Director Lyn Hawkins and Robyn Moyle, HR guru, to explore the methods that any director, manager, CEO or business owner can utilise to stay motivated and rally the troops when the environment is particularly heavy.

Hear the ways that the best leaders can balance the masculine and feminine strengths (that we all possess) to make a positive impact and support their teams by implementing behaviours and systems that ensure people don’t feel daunted, stay engaged and are fully motivated to achieve their best.

No matter whether you are a Director, Manager, Professional or Business Owner you will find excellent insights in the Motivation Maestro Mastermind.

Members and prospective members are welcome to join our dynamic trio for this insightful online mastermind that will expose exciting new methods and the mindset needed to be a Motivation Maestro.

Lean in with clear intention and make room for synchronicity that allows space for opportunities.

We would love to see you online on Monday 6th April. Book your place today.

Start time:

WA: 9:15am

NT, SA: 10:45am

QLD, NSW, VIC: 11:15am


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