Online, BWA Leadership Program: Lead the Future (7 Part Series in March)

March 2, 2022 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am
Online event
A$228.62 – A$344.12
A Transformational Leadership Journey held over four weeks creating sustainable and effective changes to your leadership style.

About this event

This four week leadership transformation incites genuine change in how we lead ourselves and others. Jessica Schubert, Head of Leadership Development at BWA and Founder of IntactTeams, will guide this intimate group to improve the foundations their leadership is built upon, and how to lead and adapt to change with ease.


This is a FOUR WEEK COURSE. The purchase of a ticket enables access to all FOUR Masterclasses (Wednesday March 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd) and THREE Masterminds (Friday March 11th, 18th and 25th).

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You will be provided with everything you need to success in this course, with pre-reading and workbooks. There is some preparation and homework so that participants will use the Masterclasses to adopt the learning and make them interactive. Jessica Schubert is an experienced executive and leadership coach and trainer, who utilises adult learning principles with practical sessions for applied knowledge.

Sessions are capped at 15 participants to ensure maximum engagement and output. We will use Zoom and will expect participants to have stable wifi, their video on and participate actively. Collaboration, sharing and feedback will make the learning rich.

The Masterminds are designed to deepen your learning, challenge your thinking and manifest your practice.

Sessions are 60-minutes each, with interactive participation online using Zoom.

You will also have access to the Private Facebook Group ‘Leading with Confidence’ where we can share additional learning, stories, ask questions and connect outside of the Program. Members of Business Women Australia are also invited to the BWA Private Facebook page and online community hubs for peer-to-peer support.

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There is a general misperception that leadership is always something that is done to other people. Fact is that successful and impactful leadership of others always includes leading self. Statistics show that 30% of Fortune 500 leaders last less than three years, because they are not good at leading self. We believe that, regardless of your title or position, strong self-leadership will be the foundation of your success, happiness and resilience in your personal professional life.

Leading self is like looking at a bucket that has holes. If you keep filling it up with water without fixing the holes, the bucket will never stay full. You have to fix the holes first, so you can fill up your bucket. Remember you can only serve from a full bucket.

In this first interactive session you will explore your key strengths and understand of how to use your natural talents to build resilience and confidence to navigate through uncertain times and organisational complexities

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Leading self also means that we develop a sense of understanding who we are. We need to create self-awareness of our strengths, how we add value and what our purpose is. Basically, we are creating our brand message to have clarity on what kind of leader we want to be. You will explore these domains with a view to the future, a shift from where you are now to what kind of leader you want to be known for.

To be able to build a trust and then influence others, we have to detect what their language, their communication style and their behaviour style is. In order to influence others more impactfully, we need to be able to flex into that style so we’re on the same level and we make it easy for them. We have to be better leaders across all styles. We will do a deep dive into using behaviour and communication styles and become ‘people detectives’ and influencers.

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We are working and living in a hybrid world where many of us work from home. We still see many leaders struggling with remote leadership. The principles of leadership haven’t changed.

There are two things that are vital for a successful leader: Relationships and Communication. Our job as leaders is to guide our people, empower and motivate them while managing risk and performance. What has changed is the mode of working and ever advancing technology. Research shows that human skills are more important than ever.

In this session we explore the principles of a New Normal and dive into the skills needed to lead teams in a hybrid world. From effective virtual meetings to feedback and tough conversations as well as well supercharging effective relationships and keeping your people motivated we are putting leadership on its head and adopt skills that are needed right now.

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One aspect of leadership is constant: change. As leaders of the 21st Century we don’t only need to manage change, but we need to lead change: anticipate change and lead with intention, strategy and sound communication. But with many aspects of our personal and business lives being impacted by things that are out of control almost on a daily or weekly basis we feel like we keep on playing catch up.

Leading change is a process. We need to build stages of change and communicate effectively with our team members and stakeholders. Change happens at an individual level and helps you to facilitate change.

In this interactive session you will teach you a model called ADKAR that focusses on allowing you to come up with activities that will drive individual change and achieve organisational goals. ADKAR provides clear goals and outcomes for change management activities. You will walk away knowing how to deal with the ever-shifting landscape resourcefully, maintaining focus, and communicating change effectively.


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Leadership Coach, Online Coach and Facilitator

Head of Leadership Development at Business Women Australia and Founder of Intact Teams – an Australian based, International Leadership Development Practice that helps people and businesses maximise their potential.

Jessica helps leaders to be better leaders. After over 20 years leading large cross-cultural teams in Europe and Asia Pacific in the commercial real estate industry, she decided to leave her corporate career and instead help leaders in the corporate world to navigate through power dynamics and organisational complexities in a quest to create workplace cultures where people are happy AND productive.

Jessica works with leaders in one on one coaching sessions, designs and facilitates group leadership workshops and shares her insights in panels and keynotes globally. Since the world changed in March this year, she has transformed her business ‘Intact Teams’ to be completely digital and focusses on helping people to lead remote teams and gain the skills that matter to help shape the Future of Work.


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