Profitable Podcasting for Coaches and Consultants
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Profitable Podcasting for Coaches and Consultants

Launching a podcast is easy.

BUT, launching a podcast that enables you to build your reach (with your ideal client), build your reputation (as a trusted authority) AND build revenue for your coaching/consulting business – well that’s another matter, altogether.

The RIGHT message, RIGHT strategy, RIGHT content to ensure you’re able to nurture prospective customers along the buyer’s journey is key!

Hear how to monetise your podcast – by monetising YOUR message from the very first episode.

How do experts, consultants and coaches build a sustainable, profitable and scalable business?

For specialists who are establishing a professional practice, join us to hear valuable advice on how to showcase your expertise with a compelling message that resonates with your ideal clients.

Understand how to attain visibility and attract your target market.

This interactive webinar will cover the key things you need to know when building an advisory or coaching business:

  • Common mistakes that can stunt business growth and eventually lead to burn out for service-based businesses;
  • Why speaking to everyone equals speaking to no-one and what you should be doing to cut through the noise;
  • How to become distinguishable, UNCOPYABLE, and irresistible to your ideal client – even if you’re in a crowded marketplace;
  • The System and Model that’ll take you from Underpaid Commodity to Highly Paid Authority;
  • The #1 Digital Asset often missing in Thought Leader collateral that ideal clients can’t wait to get access to…
  • And more.

Your Investment

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