BWA Podcast Show: The Importance of Trade Marks for Your Business

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BWA PODCAST SHOW: The Importance of Trade Marks for Your Business

Join BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery and her guest Cheryl Hrvoj from Davies Collison Cave as they unravel the mysteries of trademarks, patents, and more. Discover the essence of intellectual property, from patents to trademarks, and learn why these rights are vital for businesses. Delve into the power of trademarks as Cheryl illustrates their pivotal role in brand reputation and consumer recognition through captivating examples from renowned brands like SONY, CADBURY, and COCA-COLA.

Explore the benefits of trademark registration, from legal protection to enhancing business value, and gain insights into common pitfalls businesses encounter regarding trademarks. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, tune in to “Intellectual Insights” for expert advice on safeguarding your intellectual assets and leveraging them for business success.

About Cheryl Hrvoj:

Cheryl is an accomplished Intellectual Property Lawyer, specialises in a wide range of trademark matters, offering expertise in clearing, registering, and enforcing business names, brand names, and product/service names. With experience as legal counsel for a major Australian telecommunication company, Cheryl provides strategic advice on trademark registration strategies in Australia and internationally. As a prize-winning graduate of the University of Melbourne’s Master of Intellectual Property Law and co-chair of the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand, WA Committee, Cheryl is dedicated to educating business owners on trademark issues and online branding, ensuring comprehensive protection for their intellectual assets.

Contact Cheryl HERE to talk about trade marking your business

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