Recently, we sat down with Vida Carlino, the director of Inspiration Source to talk about conscious leadership and the importance of balancing the feminine and masculine qualities inside each of us. Vida has been a BWA member for 6 years and says that she has found her “tribe” with BWA. We are so glad she joined as she has been a significant community leader and a source of inspiration for us!

Vida began Inspiration Source in 2009 with an ambitious purpose “igniting inspiration and lifting the spirit of humanity.” How can we ignite inspiration and where does inspiration come from? Inspiration is about

“taking action from your own spirit, from your own unique authentic conscious self.”

Authenticity and awareness with one self is the key to igniting inspiration, not only in yourself but also others. With this ignited inspiration we are able to “influence the expansion of evolving wisdom,” and Vida defines wisdom as “the place where our intellect emotions and intuitive is aligned.”  When these facets of ourselves are unaligned it can lead to an inner state of conflict, lower levels of productivity, dissatisfaction, no longer having the energy/motivation to finish tasks. Vida talks about how wisdom comes from many sources and to “listen to all forms of intelligence” rather than relying on a singular perspective to create rounded and multi-faceted wisdom.

A source of wisdom that has been historically overlooked is the wisdom that comes from the feminine qualities and energies that exist within us (regardless of gender identity). Masculine energies have been privileged by businesses and institutions, particularly for roles of leadership; and has forced people to disregard their own feminine energies which have often been labelled as “weak.” For example, masculine traits such as productivity, power, competitiveness, outcome, control, and forthrightness have been celebrated, whereas the feminine traits of empathy, honesty, loving, nurturing, creativity, intuition, kindness, and understanding are not often celebrated. Everyone has access to these qualities inside of themselves. However, as Vida explains it is not about balance but rather harmony of these values and traits.

“We never find the balance, and we don’t need to. The power is in harmony, look at nature; it isn’t always balanced but it is always harmonious.”

When we allow these feminine energies to flourish it “gives permission for honesty and authenticity, and it allows us to trust the unknown whilst speaking our own truth.”

Valuing both the feminine and the masculine energies is incredibly important in those roles of leaderships in business, and can help executives and professionals become Conscious Leaders. A Conscious Leader is an aware leader, one who employs metacognition which Vida defines as “thinking about what they’re thinking.” Metacognition allows leaders to

“be aware of when they’re aware and unaware, to know what’s going on in the moment without getting hooked into their unconscious bias and judgements, and listening and understanding to what is said, but also what is left unsaid.”

Conscious leadership allows collaborative growth between the leader and their team.

Throughout her times with BWA, Vida has been a conscious leader for our BWA community and at the 2019 Women of Inspiration Dinner Vida will join other unsung leaders who inspire us every day! The dinner, which will also feature Paola Magni and Katheryn Johnson, is described by Vida as being “nerve wracking, as a private person this is a big thing in terms of being courageous” and considers it a “privilege to be invited and surrounded by such amazing women.” Vida has amazing stories of growth and resilience to share, and we are so excited to listen!


About Vida and Inspiration Source:

Vida, seeker of wisdom, lover of ritual and sacred space, published author, speaker, leader in conscious inspiration, wisdom mindset and authentic accountability. She believes we are all on a great journey to discover our authentic brilliant self and share our greatness with humanity.

In life’s busyness and distractions its easy to let our thinking over run our feelings without realising you left yourself behind. On the surface it all appears normal and, on the inside, it is a confused mess.

Vida has spent many years, facilitating/guiding retreats and conscious coaching for professionals and entrepreneurs that are willing to do the soulful (internal) and strategic (external) work so they can fully live their ambitious dreams and  consciously succeed.

She offers a unique combination of ancient wisdom practices, neuro processes and contemporary techniques that align intellectual, emotional and intuitive intelligences for greater wisdom and crystal clarity.

Vida is a successful businesswoman who consciously participates and guides in life’s unfolding.

By Bridget Hawkins

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