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Cathy Smith joined BWA in November 2016 and we sat down to talk with her about her growth, her business’ growth and the sense of community BWA has brought Cathy.

Initially, Cathy aimed to “extend [her] network into medium businesses with fabulous women at the helm” and in doing that has found her “tribe.” Cathy spoke about the idea of “tall poppy syndrome” that can come into play in networking and business communities, and how BWA creates a space that doesn’t push for competitiveness but rather collaborative learning and growing. A sense of community that has come from all shapes and sizes of business women who aren’t pitted against each other, but rather is a support network that can be “turned to in good and bad times,” a support network of “trusted peers that you can bounce ideas off.” Since joining BWA Cathy has had access to a number of different opportunities, including becoming Circle Leader for BWA’s Bunbury events in January 2019.

“[Being] Circle Leader has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, helping me and my business, CATCO Enterprises grow.”

Speaking opportunities have pushed Cathy to develop and hone her public speaking and presentation skills, whilst also building and maintaining a larger network of like-minded women. BWA has also created opportunities for events Cathy felt she wouldn’t have attended otherwise, highlights being the cooking class with Sophie Budd, and the ‘boardroom banter’ events.

BWA hasn’t just impacted Cathy, there has also been increased growth and opportunities for her business CATCO Enterprises, particularly coming from “networking with high-level business ladies,” holding a leadership position such as Circle Leader, and the “national exposure” BWA has brought to CATCO Enterprises.

  Cathy remembers being hesitant attending her first few BWA events; but said that the semi- formal setting that allows for introductions, and the inviting nature of circle leaders helped significantly. Although Cathy first had that hesitancy associated with the new and unfamiliar, she says

“the opportunities are phenomenal if you are willing to step up and take them.”

And, BWA is so glad that she was.

About CATCO Enterprises

As a Customer Connection Guide, we help you and your business make meaningful connections to the right customers, at the right time helping you grow your business.

Using sophisticated digital marketing strategies and more, CATCO Enterprises offers you powerful and responsive marketing that will grow your business.

We listen and respond to the expert in your business: YOU.

We LISTEN – that’s why we can tailor your marketing so it will work for your business, your brand; taking it where you want it to go, not just an expensive cookie cutter approach that leaves you cold.

We RESPOND – knowing the story of your business shows us exactly how best to market you in a changing, complex marketplace.

Our combined experience and market awareness means that we can offer you a responsive, up to date marketing strategy that allows your business to thrive.

We’re excited to be working with small and medium businesses helping you grow and articulating your story to your ideal customer so they can become a raving fans and repeat customers.

By Bridget Hawkins

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