Marketing – Where do you start ?

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Marketing – Where do you start ?

Author: Cathy Smith, Catco Enterprises

  • Where are you spending your marketing dollars?
  • Are you following fads that don’t work?
  • Are you forever chasing shiny “marketing results” offers that cost money but don’t bring results?

Our news feeds and emails are constantly filled with experts offering the latest must haves. ‘Generate leads with this special deal,’ ‘Get rich now’, ‘Quick or you will miss out!’ As business owners we might be lured to thinking there are faster ways to generate more sales for our efforts.

Being inundated with hollow choices can make it a challenge to stay focused on what really works.

Did you know in 2015 the average attention span of a person dropped below that of a goldfish, compared to a person’s attention span in 1980, which was around 20 mins. 1

It is no wonder that most business owners feel overwhelmed when it comes to marketing their business.

Think about the businesses you keep returning to, and those you refer your friends, colleagues and family to.  Why did you choose them?

  • Have you always used them?
  • Did someone refer you?
  • Location – did you walk or drive past them and notice?
  • Do you know the owner, the consultant, the team?

“Business is built on relationships. We do business with the people we know, like and trust!”  It is a well known fact that customers try a new business out, particularly in a local area, because of the KNOW – LIKE – TRUST factor.

So, how do you generate awareness (to know you) , like-ability and trust?

The way to cut through all the marketing clutter is to have a clear plan; a real plan that starts by looking in and at your business.   Consider the value of what you offer and how to inform your ideal customers that you exist, are trustworthy and reliable.   Marketing your business in an effective way, doesn’t need to cost you thousands. You can have your cake and eat it too, as long as you know which cake to choose.

Cathy Smith is the owner of CATCO Enterprises and a Premium member of Business Women Australia. As an experienced web and graphic designer she believes it is crucial to get your business in front of the right people.  Through her professional career since 1986, Cathy has learnt that business is built on strong relationships. She established CATCO Enterprises  in 2001 to provide tailored marketing solutions for small businesses to generate results.

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