Online: Power Pitches & Media Mastermind

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Online: Power Pitches & Media Mastermind

May 4, 2020 @ 9:15 am – 10:15 am
Online: Power Pitches & Media Mastermind @ Online

Power Pitches & Media Mastermind with Pauline Bright, Amber Daines, and Lyn Hawkins

Ever wondered how to master the art of media presentations and pitches to engage your audience?  Pauline Bright and Lyn Hawkins will be joined by Amber Daines, Sydney-based Media guru, author, trainer, speaker and award-winning specialist, who is Australia’s most agile business communications expert.

In this Mastermind Pauline and Amber will discuss the current state of play and explore the ways to be “heard” in business that generates credibility and influences others into action.  Always taking some divergent angles, Pauline will be facilitating a deeper dive into some of the myths around media, the competitive “noise”, fake news and getting “noticed ” for the right things.


BWA online masterminds are developed with a clear intention to make room for synchronicity, personal growth and professional development. If you have a burning question, challenge or mastermind idea you’d like added to the agenda just email and this will be added to the agenda.

About our Mastermind Trio:

Pauline Bright is the Director of Bright Business, a successful entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, trainer and speaker. She is sought for her expertise in short and long term business planning, workplace culture, performance enhancement and sales strategies.

Amber Daines is a leading Sydney member of Business Women Australia, Chief Communicator and Director of Bespoke Communications. As Australia’s most agile business communications expert, Amber is obsessed with communication. Her experience in media communications includes consulting, on-air TV reporting and speaking engagements as a PR and media relations expert working with hundreds of well-known Australian brands in the business and charitable sectors.

Lyn Hawkins is the National Director of Business Women Australia and Principal of Hawkins Marketing. Over an impressive career in business strategy and marketing, she has worked with hundreds of business owners driving growth and business development. She has worked with SMEs, corporations, membership bodies and professional firms including KPMG, Telstra, Diverse IT, HHG Legal Group and HLB Mann Judd.

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Join us and ZOOM IN for you chance to engage with our amazing collective of business women without even leaving your seat. Our online ZOOM mastermind sessions are interactive so make sure you test your connection, audio and video beforehand so you can fully participate.

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Start time:

WA: 9:15am

NT: 10:45am

QLD: 11:15am

SA: 11:45

NSW, VIC: 12:15


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