Online Mastermind: Unlocking Financial Confidence

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Online Mastermind: Unlocking Financial Confidence

November 4, 2020 @ 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Online Mastermind: Unlocking Financial Confidence @ ONLINE

Join Director of IntactTeams, and Head of Learning & Development at BWA, Jessica Schubert with Australia’s leading financial freedom fighter for women, Tracey Sofra as she shares her entrepreneurial journey, her financial planning insights and her passion for supporting women to be financially empowered, becoming what she calls “Future Fit Females.”

 “The Future Fit Female”, is confident, clear and in control.  She is fearless, she feels complete and she is living a full and meaningful life.  This is her game, on her terms, and she emerges with financial security, stability and confidence. In this mastermind, Tracey will delve into the key fundamentals are to achieve the financial freedom that will enable you to meet your personal and professional goals and dreams. Tracey will share how to achieve wealth creation with inspiring and actionable steps that will set you on the right path.

Tracey believes that to experience ultimate freedom, you first need to be financially free. As an accountant and financial planner, Tracey has seen what works and what doesn’t when it comes to female financial literacy and education.

The program promises to deliver;
CONFIDENCE: Feeling fulfilled and complete
CLARITY: Feel certainty and understanding
CONTROL: Return to focus and ease

This webinar mastermind will appeal to female executives, business owners and professionals who are keen to embrace financial independence and achieve their goals and future success.

There will be an opportunity for Q&A plus the chance to book a complimentary 30 minute Discovery session with Tracey for every attendee to help set you up on your pathway to financial freedom.

This event begins at:
WA: 9:30 am
NT: 11:00 am
SA: 12:00 pm
QLD: 11:30 am
NSW/VIC: 12:30 pm

About Tracey Sofra:
Accountant. CPA, Financial Planner. CFP Tracey Sofra is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and financial educator who spends her time sharing the knowledge, experience and passion she has helping professional women achieve financial independence. Tracey has over 25 years’ experience running two fast paced businesses as an Accountant and Financial Planner. She is an expert in the areas of wealth creation, leadership, achievement and fulfilment. As a mum and business leader she has walked a successful path for over two decades, and has proven methods – knowing what it takes to be successful at work and in life.
An award-winning advisor, Tracey was named winner in the nationally recognised Women in Financial Services Award as “Financial Planner of the Year” in 2017 and one of five finalists in the prestigious AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award.
Tracey believes that unlocking your financial confidence, is the key to unlocking your confidence in life. Her specialised program “Money Mastery” has changed the lives of hundreds of women over the last five years. Tracey continues to deliver this life changing program with the belief that the future female will have the confidence, clarity and control to live a life on their terms. Her first book “Finding Financial Freedom” was published in May 2016.


About Jessica Schubert:
Jessica is the Head of Learning and Development at Business Women Australia and also the Director of Intact Teams.  Her expertise as an executive and team coach and leadership trainer/consultant has been built upon the impressive experience she has as an international sales director working across both Australian and Asian markets. Having worked in Europe and the Asia Pacific for over a decade Jessica has accumulated a wealth of international business experience. Her career has spanned Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as managing cross border teams in Asia. Born near Cologne in Germany and educated in Business, English and French, Jessica has lived and worked in 6 different countries and spent most of her last 17 years in New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan. Her industry experience ranges from hospitality to real estate and education, working with people and helping teams to be the best they can. Helping businesses to grow and transform, operationally as well as in business development, always has been front and centre of what Jessica does well.  Her ability to network and strategically connect has seen Jessica facilitate impressive business outcomes that span states and nations.

About Business Women Australia
BWA brings together business women from all sectors, industries and states;

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Executives, directors and managers
  • Professionals
  • Women on boards
  • Leaders and emerging leaders

Business Women Australia is focused on key areas;

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Business Women Australia holds a wide range of events across the nation. Check out our calendar and stay up to date HERE.


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