Online, Courageous Conversations: Quick Fixes and Need For Speed

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Online, Courageous Conversations: Quick Fixes and Need For Speed

May 21, 2020 @ 5:15 pm – 7:15 pm
Online, Courageous Conversations: Quick Fixes and Need For Speed @ Online


Join Business Women Australia members and guests, together with Diamond member, Vida Carlino, Director of Inspiration Source and BWA National Director, Lyn Hawkins – for a unique opportunity to engage in a courageous conversation in the BWA Zoom Boardroom.

This is not a workshop NOR is it a boardroom Q&A. It’s more of an honest D&M – deep and meaningful.

This month’s topic for our courageous conversation is “Quick Fixes and Need for Speed.” Our world is a fast one and the tendency is for us to fix, solve, pivot and save as quickly as possible.

It is a constant pull. Is there a need to pause? To allow and to create a space where we don’t need to judge, to solve problems, to fix things.

Join us for a deeper dive as we explore our thoughts, experiences and feelings about quick fizes and the fast pace of our lives. Tap into the space we have created to challenge our own point of view and build a deeper wisdom.

This online experience has been created for genuine honest and conscious conversation that opens a new level of understanding and wisdom for business women.

Vida is an experienced and wise facilitator who deliberately creates micro moments of impact to inspire a willingness to express the trust that allows real conversation to unfold regardless of discomfort, challenge or viewpoint. This is not a workshop, it is an opportunity to step away from the busy life you lead, to breathe, to reflect and to share.

Register today and you will be sent the Zoom online link to join this Courageous Conversation.

The event will begin at:

WA: 5:15pm
NT, SA: 6.45pm
QLD, VIC, NSW, ACT: 7.15pm

If you have been looking for an opportunity to share more deeply with others, become more open, accepting and trusting, to let go of control and predictable outcomes, a courageous conversation is for you. This will appeal to women in business who are adventurous, genuine, and honest, keen to delve into meaningful territory, and to feel good about revealing the truth of who we are. Our intention is to hold space for those prepared to uncover what we truly value and what’s most important to us.

Courageous conversations give us the opportunity to add value and insight to others. They are the opposite of everyday small talk conversations that are easy, familiar and sit he surface. Many of us have been taught to avoid challenging topics like feelings, fears, struggles, achievements, successes, relationship, politics, religion, sex, money… or you might be from a culture that taught containment, conformity, politeness, silence, compromise. As a disconnected population we are often drowning in Confirmation Bias and surround ourselves with like-minded people that feed our viewpoint and acknowledge our opinions as fact.

– Are you looking to engage in more meaningful conversations?

– Want to connect with business women in a powerful, honest and authentic way?

– Do you feel like you want more from your conversations?

– Do you desire connection that extends beyond words and politeness?

Book your place today and join the courageous conversation from your phone, or your computer. Chatham House rules apply. What is shared and said, stays in the space.



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About Vida Carlino

Vida is a Published Author, Speaker and Leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindfulness and authentic accountability. She is a social entrepreneur, founder of Inspiration Source and author of MY POWER STATEMENT. By integrating explorative practices in sacred union with the full human potential that changes fundamental relationships both internally and externally, Vida strives to inspire everyone to live a more enriched, fulfilling and conscious life. Since the age of 24, Vida has been in business for herself, and successfully owned and operated multiple businesses.

“Let’s talk about lies. In the quest for professional, business and material success there is often an imbalance, a disconnect with the vision we had at the outset. At a deeper level, there is a longing for meaningful contribution and yearning for a connection with self and others. Sometimes, our achievements come at a great cost to ourselves and the lives of those we encounter along the way. As a facilitator and guide, I have been privileged to witness the transformation that occurs when we are willing to show up and reclaim our authentic selves.” Vida Carlino [2019]

About Lyn Hawkins

Lyn is the National Director of Business Women Australia and a management consultant with a focus on business growth, marketing and cultural transformation. She has held senior roles with KPMG, HHG Legal Group, HLB Mann Judd and Telstra, in addition to General Management roles with technology-based businesses. As a Principal of a successful consulting practice Lyn works predominantly with professional services firms (legal, accounting and technology) and executive teams developing and implementing business strategies. Lyn deeply values the opportunity to explore and grow. She loves experimenting with new ideas and experiences, and enjoys opportunities to hold space for others (and for herself). “Where there is a mix of diverse, eclectic individuals you never know what to expect, but when you allow courage, truth and acceptance to take you all into a new place, good things happen.”

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