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Kerrie Nobes

Kerrie Nobes is an experienced Consultant, Facilitator, Trainer and accredited Coach who is a leader specialisation in Psychological Safety. Here she answers some key questions about her journey as a woman in business.

What is the best advice you would give to anyone trying to build a business?

Building relationships has seen my client numbers explode as one person tells another, who tells another – and boy does that make for a more engaging and fun work load. 

Find a way to connect with those in your space of expertise and build a network.  Having likeminded people to share successes and ask questions has been vital for my businesses growth, along with my sanity!    

NB: Lyn Hawkins and the BWA community a big part of that, especially during Covid, so thank you!

Is there an insight you’d like to share?

I do a huge amount of reading on current trends in learning, psychological safety and engaging people to be their best.  My read on the now is for leaders to really understand their teams motivators and to work in collaboration rather than directing them.   Coaching someone through a project rather than fixing it or having them do it your way is such a drive for innovation and job satisfaction – in essence, this gives you a lift in the bottom line because people go the extra mile when they are happy.

Favourite Quote or Mantra

 “I don’t like that man.   I better get to know him better” Abe Lincoln

We often work well with those we like instinctively, but the reality is that if we bother to look beyond the first impression, we can usually find common ground and purpose. 

I learn so much from the wide array of people I get to interact with, especially those with different viewpoints.    

Top things you wish you knew when you started out

My top things I’d like to have told myself earlier in my working career are:

  1. Titles don’t make the person. Someone with high position does not necessarily know more than those in their team, so back yourself.
  2. To believe in my own ability. It took awhile to recognise what I have to offer has value.
  3. It is okay to say no. This is a great life lesson as I used to try and be all things to all people.
  4. Being assertive is just that. It’s imperative to share our opinions if we are going to make a difference, and doing so respectfully won’t be perceived as aggressive.
  5. Make a start. Thehardest thing to do is take the first step towards a new direction. Waiting for the planets to all align is futile. The world moves way too quickly and we have to act, now!
  6. You’ve got this. Opening a business during Covid and finding myself being kept really busy has been a revelation and joy
  7. Make sure those who support you on your journey get the recognition and thanks they deserve!

What book would you suggest every business woman read?

I’ve been reading a lot lately and some that I have found really insightful include:

Adam Grants – Think Again 

This has some great insight into the way we communicate which hit home for me, along with the need to question the status quo and think more logically to assess what is working and what is not (without getting stuck in ‘that’s how we do it’).

Amy Edmondson – The Fearless Organisation

Amy really makes a lot of sense and gives great examples of the impact psychological safety has on any organisation.  I love that she is determined to make sure voices are heard and that businesses embrace the innovation of all in the organisation, not just senior leaders.

Carol Dweck – Mindset

There’s a lot of sport analogies here which I’m not hugely a fan of, however Carol really hit home the value of a growth mindset, how we can achieve it, and how you can help others around you.   This one is extremely useful for life, parenting and leadership!

An Interview with Kerrie Nobes

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