WA, Return to You: Women’s Gathering

Date: 25 October 2019 12:00 PM
Location: Kokoro Retreat 332 Oldham Road Mornington, 6221

This Gathering is Different

It is not a workshop, seminar, or therapy. In fact, there is nothing you have to learn, no competency required, nothing you have to overcome or let go of. Instead, it is a merging of women, daughters, sisters, friends, aunties, mothers, grandmothers and everything in between. Women coming together in exploration, truth and sisterhood. Many of us have had no alternative but to adopt outer world qualities of performance, results and rational thought to thrive and achieve, in doing so deny the inner qualities of natural intuition, vulnerability, compassion, peace, and fulfilment.

It is not necessary to sacrifice your inner peace for outer achievement.

Join the women, step away from the noise and for a time enter a conscious and respectful space where you can touch the mystery that arises when women return.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when she hears the call, Return to You.

You will experience:

  • Scared space and the practice of being grounded in presence, and how to harness this power in your everyday life.
  • Harmony between your inner and outer worlds so you can move forward as an authentic woman.
  • A fresh understanding of your unique wisdom and influence, and how to make a greater impact.
  • Womens work and the expansive potential it holds for fully living.
  • Sisterhood as the key to freedom, change, and power.
  • A return to YOU!

Purpose of Womens Gathering

The Womens Gathering was born from a desire to create space for women, to experience connection so genuine and openhearted that it changes the fundamental relationship women have with themselves and each other.

Women have always come together to support each other and make sense of their jumbles, experience in ritual and ceremony, and that is what we will be doing. Women’s gathering is a carefully orchestrated combination of guided practices, experiential activities, gentle grounding, sacred ritual, creative sharing, and playfulness.

What Happens

You arrive on Friday around midday where the festivities begin, they continue until you take your leave at 3pm on Sunday. It is a residential event held at the beautiful Kokoro Retreat, where all your needs are taken care of including healthy, delicious food all weekend.

Bring your personal belongings and joyous spirit and we will take care of everything else.

It is a gentle, but empowering and inspiring shared experience for all women, regardless of profession, skill level, expertise or interests.


Vida describes herself as a seeker of Wisdom, a lover of ritual and scared space, published author, speaker, leader in conscious Inspiration, wisdom mindset and authentic accountability. After many years of coaching and facilitating men and women in cognitive and sacred exploration through workshops, retreats and one on one programs. Vida believes we are all on a great journey to discover who we are so we can fully inhabit our authentic selves in careers, business, health, wealth, spirituality, and matters of the heart.

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