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Preetie Boler

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Western Australia
Empowered by Design
Empowered by Design
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Preetie Boler, a transformational leader and former lawyer with over 30 years of combined legal and commercial experience in various corporate environments.
Her vast experience in this space provides her with  comprehensive knowledge on effective leadership and positive workplace behaviours – behaviours that drive, high performance, positive culture, growth, resilience and success. In her corporate role with a national facilities management company, Preetie leads and mentors her team to excel in their respective responsibilities involving managing vendor  compliance, contract development and dispute resolution.
Preetie is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and Mindfulness Practitioner. She established her business, Empowered by Design, to focus on merging her expertise in both these areas to develop, and deliver women empowerment programmes and keynotes with emphasis on mindset shift, emotional resilience and becoming a positive influence. Preetie facilitates impactful and transformative workshops and masterclasses.
Her journey from navigating a life predetermined by others, by cultural expectations and believing that she is a failure to becoming a master of her own destiny is the essence behind her work. Preetie’s transition was sparked by a profound  realisation: our lives are the reflection of our inner beliefs and habits.
A Malaysian born Punjabi, with Perth, Western Australia being home since 2010, Preetie’s life was once marred by chronic self-doubt and limiting beliefs. On September 18, 2006, facing a life-altering crisis, she experienced a profound awakening to the power of choice – a moment that became a cornerstone of her philosophy.

Her purpose: to help and mentor emerging female leaders and migrant women in corporate Australia to break through their inner glass ceiling, to motivate and empower her audience to believe in themselves and their ability to create their reality.

Preetie has recently published her Book Titled: Create Your Reality Journal.
In ‘Create Your Reality Journal’; Preetie offers a structured path for embracing 7 life-changing habits. She emphasises on the power of choice and the transformative potential
that lies in shifting from a narrative of limitation to one of empowerment.
Her belief is firm: by unlocking your full potential, you can turn I can’t; into I can and I will, creating a reality of your heart desires.
Within its daily pages and weekly-check-ins, you'll find not just thought-provoking
prompts, gratitude practices, affirmations, and self-reflection exercises, but a pathway to shifting your mindset.
Through her work, Preetie Boler stands as a beacon of hope and guidance for anyone seeking to redefine their life’s trajectory, proving that with the right mindset, every individual has the power to create their own reality.

Outside of work, Preetie enjoys spending quality time exploring the great outdoors and the many amazing outdoor activities on offer.
She is also a FMA WA Committee Member, a former Non Executive Director of MIFWA and Life Long Student & Teacher.



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