By Heather Warner

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many companies to quickly rearrange their workforce and direct employees to work remotely from home.  While some already had a remote working policy in place, it has been reported that 48% of SME’s had to create one to react to the pandemic.

Heather Warner, Director of strategic IR and HR consulting firm, WCA Solutions said many lessons have been learnt through this experience.  “We had to adapt quickly to the new norm by implementing small changes to keep a positive informed, motivated and productive workplace culture… remotely.” Heather shares five tips to create a positive workplace culture whilst supporting teams who are working remotely.


Structure Communication

Companies need to choose the right platform for the task and outcome required while ensuring employees are aware of what platform to use when and have access to the platform.

Social Activities

Maintain the culture of the workplace and the ‘water cooler’ chats. WCA has introduced Friday afternoon video drinks, and morning Quiz Challenges. These activities are often short and enable employees to interact in a relaxed manner, keeping everyone connected and boosting employee morale.

Performance Check-in

Managers should still be engaging employees in performance reviews. WCA has developed an online performance check-in tool to promote shorter, genuine and more frequent conversations about recognising performance and setting individual goals. This takes no longer than twenty minutes and allows clear expectations to be set no matter where an employee is working.

Team Communication starting with a Morning Huddle

Communication is key to maintaining focus and transparency. The establishment of a quick 15 minute team virtual huddle each morning to update on achievements from the day before, and priorities and possible challenges for the day ahead provides the team with a great overview.

WFH Checklist

Everyone works differently but by providing employees with a checklist of how to set up their desk, environment and structure their day, you can help employees achieve productivity. Simple ideas can help employees feel refreshed and connected such as; take breaks away from the desk and setting up a lunch time video break with other colleagues. Encouraging employees to have an activity immediately after they “end their workday”, enables them to shut off properly at the end of each day.

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