Sunshine Coast: BWA Lunch, Craft Your Perfect Pitch

Date: 2 August 2019 11:45 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: The Mooloolaba Surf Club, The Esplanade, Mooloolaba, 4557
Join Business Women Australia members and guests for a working lunch with keynote Cindy Turner – entrepreneur and Master Coach – and hear how to craft your perfect pitch – and deliver it like a pro.
This is our second Business Women Australia event on the Sunshine Coast, so don’t miss out! Our emcee is Sonia La Penna, HR Synergy and our sponsors, Shadforth Financial Group.
How would it be if you could articulate your ‘pitch’ or in other words, how you can solve your prospects problem with ease and authenticity?
Think of it like this…
Have you ever wondered why some people achieve their dreams and goals and have financial abundance while others continuously struggle to sell themselves and what they do and end up frustrated?
Despite all of their good intentions, most business owners fail to realise their vision (and achieve their potential) because they can’t ‘pitch’ what they do and how they can add value.
This is your chance to hear how to craft your Perfect Pitch (& Deliver it Like a Pro), enjoy a working lunch and meet like-minded women in business.
Imagine presenting with clarity and confidence, clearly articulating your message with poise – for business development meetings or in a sales or finance pitch, getting a proposal accepted or “selling” a new idea to your team.
In this interactive working lunch Cindy will cover:
1. Your Brand of Awesome-ness – This is when we marry our unique strengths, talents and passions in such a way as to bring value to others. This is your optimal pathway to wealth.
2. Five Steps to Crafting Your Perfect Pitch –  Ask yourself these five powerful questions to formulate your perfect pitch.
3. Your Attention-Grabber – The attention-grabbing intro that draws your prospects and gets them engaged in what you’re about to say.
4. Get Pitching! This will be the perfect opportunity to practice your pitch in a safe space and get valuable feedback to make further tweaks and refinements.
Join us and take away a perfectly developed pitch and be oozing with confidence ready to start having winning conversations with prospects.
A light lunch and refreshments included. Cash bar available for wine and beer.
About Cindy Turner (Keynote): 
Cindy Turner is the Sunshine Coast Leader of Business Women Australia and the Founder/CEO of Evolving Women, a purpose-driven business focused on advancing the success of women. As a Master Coach, Cindy works with entrepreneurs and professionals who seek greater success for themselves. Bringing decades of HR experience combined with her background working with elite Coaches (where she established and ran Coach Central for 10+ years) Cindy has an impressive array of powerful leadership programmes, methodologies and purpose-based strategies. With the most delightful Canadian Aussie accent, Cindy is a life-long learner and holds a Bachelor of Science (University of Ottawa), Post Grad in HR Management (McMaster University), is a Master Practitioner in Coaching (Life Beyond Limits) and has a Diploma with The Coaching Institute. As a transformational teacher, leader and successful conscious entrepreneur, you will be inspired by Cindy’s mission to empower women to fully express their unique gifts and talents to advance the collective wisdom of women. Cindy believes the world will have more balance and harmony where the feminine and masculine nature are equally honoured and valued; in business, leadership, relationships and society. “Our world has never been more ready, or in such deep need, for the full expression of feminine intelligence. The time has come to appreciate, embrace and develop the genius and intelligence of the female brain. To have a place for women to connect and cultivate their feminine nature. Evolving Women was born out of this need. An online meeting place of brilliant women creating new paradigms that support the advancement of women in leadership and life globally.”
About Sonia La Penna (MC): 
Sonia La Penna is a Premium Member of Business Women Australian and Director of HR Synergy Consulting. Sonia brings over 20 years HR experience from frontline HR advisory services through to executive management. As an innovative and contemporary professional and management consultant, Sonia engages stakeholders at all levels of an organisation to design, plan and deliver contemporary ‘tailored made’ HR business solutions. She is an experienced presenter and very engaging emcee.

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