Sales 101: How to Sell with Elegance, Mandurah WA

Date: 18 August 2017 9:15 AM – 11:30 AM
Location: The Stage Door, Mandurah

Join us at the Business Women Australia Success Circle in Mandurah with Diamond member and Circle Leader Pauline Bright as she reveals how to sell without anyone feeling icky, dirty or uncomfortable. Tap into the genius of Pauline’s experience and methods to learn the graceful ways to covert leads and influence the outcomes you want.

We’re all selling something, whether growing a business, employed in sales, or just trying to get “buy-in” to a great idea.

The biggest resistance to selling is not wanting to appear “pushy” and “salesy” and yet, in any organisation, sales plays the key role in the success of the business. Elegant Selling is all about learning how to connect, inform, influence and convert people so they see the value in what you are proposing. It is time to learn how to sell with elegance.

About Pauline Bright

Pauline is a Diamond Member of BWA and an experienced business owner, coach and strategist. Pauline has over 35 years’ experience in small business ownership and management and 12 years’ experience as a Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer. She works closely with business owners to help them grow beyond their expectations.

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