Keynote by Maree Gooch


Book Maree Gooch – Director of Belay Consulting and Advocate for Rural & Regional Business to speak at your next event.

Maree is an true advocate for Australian business and embodies the work ethic that makes this country great.  She is sought after as a strategic planning consultant and facilitator with more than 26 years of experience in entrepreneurial business and community development.  Maree has impressive experience in research, product development and value adding, as well as building and re-inventing business models. She has helped many private businesses increase their profits significantly, has been involved in succession planning for SME’s and the farming industry and has also worked as an Executive Coach. Maree sits on a number of boards – government, community and private. Her career highlights include being Executive Officer for Farm Safe, being nominated for the Telstra Business Woman of the Year and a Finalist in the RIRC Rural Woman of the Year.
Maree is an entertaining, informative and engaging presenter.
“My passion is developing people and business, so that they can be the best that they can be – regardless of economic, geographic and social or cultural circumstance”.  Maree Gooch
Topics include:
  1. Being Board Savvy
  2. A Survival Guide for Directors
  3. Sink or Swim Strategies for Business Success

The fee includes Maree’s preparation, appearance at your event and a 20-45 minute presentation.  Travel and accommodation costs are additional if the event is to be held outside the Perth Metro and Peel Regional area.

If you’d like a tailored keynote on a topic of your choice let us know and we can provide a quote to meet your specific event needs.

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