Customer Insights Research Package


It’s time to investigate what is really happening in your business, from your customers’ perspective.

Stop guessing how to improve their satisfaction, experience and engagement. 

Find out what makes your customers tick so you can make informed decisions and drive growth and innovation in your business.  Learn how to turn your customers into loyal advocates.

Business Women Australia’s partnership with CoreData means can now measure, track and enhance your customers’ experience by tapping into Australia’s most experience team of skilled researchers.

Understanding and meeting CUSTOMER NEEDS is the key to BUSINESS GROWTH and long term success.

Customer Insights Research lifts the lid on how your customers are interacting with your business and the value you’re delivering. It aims to uncover hidden gems to help you become the best business you can be.

Incorporating proprietary CoreData research tools and methodologies, the Customer Insights Research Package goes beyond the standard two-dimensional approach to measuring customer satisfaction and engagement. By mapping the customer journey, documenting the customer experience from their perspective, and providing you with a framework for understanding the way your customers are behaving, you will maximise your business’ potential.

Customer Insights Research Package Includes:

Customer Satisfaction Audit
Customer Engagement Tools
Brand Tracking
Market Sizing
Improvement Solutions

Business Women Australia has partnered with CoreData to design and deliver the Customer Insights Research Package. CoreData is a global market research consultancy delivering research-driven insights since 2002. Their methods and tools are founded in proven theoretical frameworks that have been tested for effectiveness.

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