Brisbane, BWA: Masterclass – Courageous Leadership: A Future Focus


The world needs Courageous Leaders who embrace authenticity and their true selves, who radically listen and lead others to challenge the status quo. A courageous leader is an individual who’s capable of making themselves better and stronger when the stakes are high. They are prepared to make decisions about change without fear or favour.

In this workshop we will delve deeply into our self awareness and goals for 2023. There will be tools, techniques and knowledge applied that will help develop the capability for leaders and those who aspire to lead, to see, understand, evaluate, motivate and lead change.

Leadership mastery is the personality, character and capability you develop as a leader. It is the way you think, how you act, what you say, when you act and how you are aligned to your values and beliefs.

This practical workshop will provide powerful insights and help you craft the ‘mastery’ you will need this year, when managing and leading yourself and your teams.

Now is the perfect time to invest in you as you turn your focus on 2023 and set in place the perfect roadmap for success.

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