Voice to Parliament with Kyra Galante

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Voice to Parliament with Kyra Galante

Voice to Parliament with Kyra Galante

As a nation we have the opportunity to make history this year and take an important step on the path to reconciliation. Join Business Women Australia’s Coordinator Leanne Jeffery and Kyra Galante, Worley Australia’s First Nations Participation Director for this meaningful conversation.

This live podcast will dive into what a First Nations Voice would mean for our country and for all of us who call Australia home. We will cover key questions including:

What is the referendum all about?
What will the Voice to Parliament do?
Where did it originate and why?
Why is the Voice an important step?
What are the reasons why The Indigenous Voice has been controversial?

Don’t miss this important, respectful and positive conversation. Everyone who shares the values of BWA embracing diversity, inclusion and conscious care are welcome.

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