Shift Your Paradigm and Change Your Results With Fiona Yue

Shift Your Paradigm and Change Your Results with Fiona Yue

Fiona is an accredited Proctor Gallagher Consultant trained by Bob & Sandy. She engages in keynote speaking across the globe, as well as personally guiding each of their clients through the Program 

Originally coming from China, Fiona now resides in Western Australia. She’s a mother of 2, an MBA, a sophisticated investor, and an entrepreneur who in the past 20 years, has founded, co-founded and managed businesses ranging from financial institutions, consulting, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale to international trading turning over up to $200 million-plus with staffing up to 10,000.  

As a result of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher’s teachings and her personal journey, Fiona has a unique perspective on what it takes to transform your personal and professional results in a calm and confident manner. 

And, she can’t wait to share them with you! 

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