Rethinking the Way We Look and Heal from Cancer

Rethinking the Way We Look and Heal from Cancer with Cindy Scott

My guest today says, “Our genes do not determine our fate.” 

Joining me today is Cindy Scott. 

Cindy is the Founder and CEO of Evolving Women Co, a platform for women who are seeking sanctuary; a place to heal, grow and flourish. She is a Mindset Coach and Cancer Whisperer – activating mind-body healing in women journeying with cancer. 

Cindy is also the author of the Healing Journal: The Gift of Cancer and the host of the Rethinking Cancer series.  

On today’s show, Cindy will share: 

  • Why we should shift the way we look at cancer 
  • The impact of having a positive mindset on healing
  • How in order to heal fully, we need to take a holistic view focusing on our mind, heart, and soul too. 

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