Life reflects who we are willing to be with Vida Carlino

Life reflects who we are willing to be with Vida Carlino

My guest on today’s show believes that: “Life reflects who we are willing to be.”

Joining me today is Vida Carlino.

Vida is a published author and speaker, leading coach in conscious evolution, authentic account-ability and inspirational mindset. She guides entrepreneurs and professionals to show up fully, be self-empowered and succeed through deliberate design.

Vida loves life, family, sunny days, risqué moments, laughter, people with open hearts, authentic-ity, stretching beyond, bright colours, great bed, best coffee, reckless dancing, raw honesty, world peace, people who inspire push and hold me accountable, universal consciousness, stillness, craziness, friendship, love, romance, showing up fully, living deliberately, dr Seuss, Music that lifts her spirit and cracks her heart, sacred space, ritual, mindfulness, being empowered, making a difference, spiritual practice.

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