Fostering Financial Wellness Strategies and Benefits for Employers and Employees

Fostering Financial Wellness: Strategies and Benefits for Employers and Employees with Kathryn Dixon

My guest today says, “The stats don’t lie – financial wellbeing is important for employees and employers.”    

Joining me today is Kathryn Dixon. 

Kathryn is a Relationship Manager within the Employee Solutions team at Insignia Financial (formally IOOF), Kathryn works with employers to help them implement and deliver employee benefits to their staff.  

Those benefits include financial education and support designed to help develop and enhance their financial wellbeing as well as insurance and superannuation services.   

On today’s show, Kathryn will share: 

  1. Facts and figures to illustrate why employers should consider implementing a financial wellbeing program; 
  2. Strategies to building financial wellbeing; 
  3. The benefits for employer and employee of investing in a financial wellbeing program. 

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