BWA Podcast Show: Women in Leadership: Driving the Future of Australia

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BWA PODCAST SHOW: Women in Leadership: Driving the Future of Australia.

Welcome to this BWA Podcast Show – where we discuss the important issues, the inspirational initiatives and showcase Aussie based female leadership at it’s best. In today’s show we promise a lively discussion between BWA National Director and Founder, Lyn Hawkins together with Ann Maree O’Callaghan – Co-Director of Value Creators – a successful entrepreneur, business consultant and stakeholder engagement professional who has been instrumental in the design of the Women’s STEM JumpStart program. Hear how it all happened, and what is needed going forward. .

Australia, like many other countries, has been making efforts to increase the representation of women in leadership roles, particularly in innovative sectors. While progress has been made, there is still work to be done to achieve gender parity in leadership positions, especially in fields with a strong focus on innovation and STEM. 

Listen and hear the insights these exceptional women have on harnessing and developing female leadership in Australia, the role of innovation and paving the way for others to step into impact industries and STEM pathways.

Ann Maree will share her thoughts on the Australian government funding and initiatives aimed at promoting gender diversity in leadership including Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship grants to support women’s participation in science, tech, mathematics and entrepreneurial fields.

The presence of visible female leaders and mentors in innovative industries has never been more important in inspiring and supporting the next generation of women leaders through various programs like Jump Start and networks like the Business Women Australia community. Be inspired by the exciting initiatives that have helped successful women to step into leadership mindsets, mastering the skills needed to help break down barriers to pursue career advancement, professional goals and new businesses.

Let’s listen, and consider ways to contribute to closing the gap. Women are needed in more leadership roles in Australia with representation requiring ongoing commitment from organisations, policy makers, and society as a whole.

Hear how you can be part of the solution, addressing systemic barriers and promoting inclusive practices. Australia can continue to harness the full potential of our diverse talent pool to drive innovation and economic growth – the future is female leadership, unleashed.

About Ann Maree O’Callaghan:

Ann Maree is a highly experienced entrepreneur, business consultant and stakeholder engagement professional. She is in demand for her innovation and business strategy expertise, and her industry-wide facilitation and consultation. She has a talent for venture creation and business transformation and has inspired the owners and founders of over 500 regional businesses to reach their goals. From idea to creation, early start-up to a mature business needing to transform, Ann Maree motivates and inspires them to explore their full potential.

Ann Maree relishes this challenge to find strategic pathways and solutions, navigating through the complexity and uncertainty of venture creation and business renewal to accelerate growth. This “laser beam” approach and strong strategic ability combined with exceptional people skills, enables effective focus on long term planning and risk management no matter what stage of growth people, business and industry are at.

With a focus on regional and remote Australia, Ann Maree has worked on numerous major industry, community, and government partnership projects. Her areas of expertise cover venture creation, strategy renewal and business model innovation, Indigenous business development; community consultation and stakeholder engagement; research and feasibility analysis; and training and workshop delivery.

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