BWA Podcast Show: The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Leading Change

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BWA PODCAST SHOW: The 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Leading Change

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, adaptability is paramount, and the volume of change projects is sky-rocketing. According to recent research cited in the ‘Harvard Business Review Project Management Handbook,’ a staggering 85% of executives and project management professionals have witnessed a significant surge in change initiatives, with some reporting a doubling within their organisations. Change management is no longer an option—it’s a necessity for survival and growth.

Join BWA’s host Leanne Jeffery with Change Specialist Tracy Cooper, as she share’s her strategies for leading change effectively and how to avoid common pitfalls with insights gained from real-world experiences and proven methodologies. Tracy will discuss the five crucial mistakes often made during change initiatives, how you can avoid them and how you create a positive change strategy for your team to join you and contribute to the change journey.

About Tracy Cooper:

Tracy Cooper is a Change Specialist who supports senior leaders to tackle the challenges of implementing change in their organisations. With her combined expertise in leadership, change management and facilitation, she utilises theory and turns this into a proven practical approach to guide you in your transformation processes.

Whilst her early career was in agricultural science, she transitioned to delivering leadership

programs in rural and regional communities of QLD via the Department of Primary Industries ‘Building Rural Leaders Program.’ Based on this learning and experience of delivering leadership programs, in 2001 Tracy became one of the founders of SeeChange Consulting. Using their action learning approach, underpinned by enviable expertise and accreditation in Prosci Change Management methodology, Tracy created programs that have brought major change to the lives of individuals, regional communities and businesses in the financial services, agribusiness, local government, childcare, aged care sectors and broader not-for profit sector for 23 years.

Utilising all the experience, techniques and tools developed over those two decades, in early 2024 Tracy commenced her journey as Tracy Cooper Change Specialist to provide coaching and advisory services to guide leaders and teams who are driving change in their organisation.

She is passionate about helping those who wish to lead themselves to learn, thrive, embrace change and make a difference in their world.

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