BWA PODCAST SHOW, Shaping a Sustainable Future: Earth Hour

Join Business Women Australia Coordinator, Leanne Jeffery with the phenomenal Dr. Kate Ringvall from Galactic Sustainability about the fusion of Earth Hour and circular sustainability. Dr. Kate brings her expertise to the discussion, highlighting the potential of Earth Hour in promoting sustainability and circular economy principles. Together, they explore how Earth Hour can inspire collective action and shape a more sustainable future for all. Join Leanne and Dr. Kate as they delve into the cosmic possibilities of sustainability and Earth Hour’s role in driving positive change.


Kate is a leader in the Sustainability and Circular Economy field – working, studying and exploring the many facets that make up Sustainability as we know it today. Kate has a Masters in Public Policy and a PhD in Planning and my areas of expertise and interest are in the Circular Economy, Sustainability in Business, Sustainability Branding, Sustainable Urban Planning, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Transport, Transit Orientated Development, and Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment. Kate has worked for governments at all levels, large corporations, and Universities – implementing and integrating sustainability principles and practices. Kate is also a Co-founder and a Governing Fellow of the Galactic Cooperative, who are leading the way for the development of a Circular Economy in WA; and is leading the Circular Economy agenda for GHD in Canberra.

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