BWA Podcast Show: Nurturing Mental Health for Success

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BWA PODCAST SHOW: Nurturing Mental Health for Success

Join Business Women Australia’s Coordinator, Leanne Jeffery, and the visionary founder of Pynk Health, Julie Fox. In this exclusive podcast episode, Leanne delves into Julie’s transformative journey, tracing her evolution from a clinical psychologist to the driving force behind Pynk Health. Julie unfolds the challenges encountered during the establishment of this pioneering platform and weaves a narrative enriched with compelling success stories. Together, they explore the distinctive approach Pynk Health adopts to tailor its services to the nuanced mental health challenges faced by women, shedding light on the profound impact witnessed in the lives of those they’ve guided. Join Leanne and Julie as they navigate through the aspirations for Pynk Health’s future, envisioning its growth and evolution in the realm of women’s mental well-being. This podcast promises a unique blend of expertise, entrepreneurship, and an unwavering commitment to empower women’s mental health


As a dedicated Clinical Psychologist, Julie has a profound commitment to fostering mental wellbeing and resilience among women. With an extensive background in psychology and a passion for accessible mental health care, Julie founded Pynk Health, a pioneering telehealth psychology practice specifically tailored for women.

Pynk Health is at the forefront of offering compassionate, comprehensive, and convenient evidence based, best practice psychological services, leveraging the latest in telehealth technologies to reach women wherever they are, in the comfort of their own spaces.

See the Pynk website HERE

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