BWA Podcast Show: How to Increase Leadership Engagement

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BWA PODCAST SHOW: How to Increase Leadership Engagement

Join BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery and she talks to Bev Andrews from ASPIRE Change Management as they dive deep into the art of boosting leadership engagement.

Unlocking the secrets to heightened leadership engagement is like discovering the perfect playlist for success in the corporate world. Bev will unravel the art of inspiring leadership and share strategies that go beyond the boardroom. 🌟 Discover strategic insights, powerful anecdotes, and actionable tips that will empower you to lead with impact. Bev’s wealth of experience will be informative but inspiring. Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an aspiring leader, this episode is your passport to unlocking new levels of influence.


Bev is the Director and Founder of ASPIRE Change Management. She specialises in organisational and project based change management, training solutions and stakeholder communications. Bev delivers pragmatic change solutions framed from her academic knowledge base, but applied to meet business measures and sustainable results. Bev has developed the ASPIRE Framework and supporting methodology to be adaptive for any industry size and organisation maturity, ensuring easy deployment to increase change capability for individual, team or Enterprise wide.  Bev is passionate about the development of change capability for professionals as well as increasing the value of the change craft for businesses. Bev is the inaugural President for the Perth based Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Chapter in the Asia Pacific Region.

Bev is currently completing her Certified Change Management Professionals accreditation, successfully completed with Distinction all 4 courses within the AGSM Post Grad Certificate in Change Management (University of NSW), is a trained facilitator of the APMG Change Management Foundation & Practitioner Accreditation, and is a certified Agile Project Manager.

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