BWA PODCAST SHOW: Create Your Reality

Join Business Women Australia’s Coordinator Leanne Jeffery with special guest Preetie Boler founder of Empowered by Design as they discuss the origins of Preetie’s transformative book, “Create Your Reality Journal,” probing into the pivotal moment that ignited her drive to write it. As the conversation progresses, they explore the profound message encapsulated within the book’s empowering phrase: “there is magic within you.” Preetie shares her deep insights on unlocking this inherent magic and manifesting the desires of the heart. The dialogue gracefully navigates through the delicate balance between personal anecdotes and actionable guidance, revealing the thought process behind crafting a universal blueprint for readers. Journaling emerges as a central theme, with Preetie offering invaluable insights into its life-transforming potential and practical tips for beginners. Looking towards the future, Preetie sheds light on the evolution of her work and shares her excitement about upcoming projects. For those grappling with feelings of stagnation, she offers words of encouragement and wisdom, igniting a spark of hope and possibility. As the episode draws to a close, listeners are guided on where to find Preetie’s book and encouraged to explore upcoming events and platforms where they can engage further with her empowering work. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation in this enlightening exchange between two champions of empowerment.


Preetie Boler, a transformational leader and former lawyer with over 30 years of combined legal and commercial experience in various corporate environments. Her vast experience in this space provides her with comprehensive knowledge on effective leadership and positive workplace behaviours – behaviours that drive, high performance, positive culture, growth, resilience and success. In her corporate role with a national facilities management company, Preetie leads and mentors her team to excel in their respective  responsibilities involving managing vendor compliance, contract development and dispute resolution.

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