BWA PODCAST SHOW: Breakthrough your Inner Glass Ceiling

Join BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery as she interviews author of the Create Your Reality Journal and founder of Empowered By Design, Preetie Boler.

Breaking through the inner glass ceiling is a powerful concept central to the programs and keynotes delivered by Preeti. This concept addresses the invisible barriers individuals create within themselves, often stemming from unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that hinder personal and professional growth. Preetie’s journey to recognising and overcoming these internal obstacles began with a pivotal moment of self-realisation, which allowed her to identify the self-imposed limitations holding her back. Through the development of emotional intelligence, she learned to confront these barriers, using awareness and empathy to drive her transformation. For those feeling trapped by their inner glass ceiling, Preetie advises beginning with self-awareness and seeking to understand the root of these internal blocks, paving the way for a meaningful and empowering journey of self-discovery and growth.


Preetie Boler is a former lawyer, a transformational leader, speaker, author, and facilitator. She is the founder of Empowered by Design and is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Preetie has over 30 years of combined legal and commercial experience in various corporate environments. Her vast experience spans negotiating construction disputes, settling complex legal matters, and resolving intricate problems with skill and finesse.

Preetie’s career has been marked by her ability to lead, mentor, and inspire teams towards positive and productive behaviours that benefit all stakeholders. She has adeptly navigated challenging behaviours and attitudes, consistently achieving positive outcomes. As a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator, she has honed her skills in empathy, authentic engagement, and building trust.

Her expertise in emotional resilience has empowered her to mentor teams and individual clients on becoming emotionally resilient and maintaining a thriving mindset.

As a migrant from a multicultural background, Preetie brings a unique perspective to her work, fostering inclusive environments that value diversity and multiculturalism. This perspective enhances her ability to relate and connect with diverse teams and address their unique challenges effectively.

Her journey in search of life and bigger things and from a life predetermined by cultural expectations to mastering her own destiny is the essence behind her work and her book titled: ‘Create Your Reality – A Guided Journal’. Through navigating life’s curve balls, she realised that our lives reflect our inner beliefs and habits. This profound insight drives her commitment to redefining women’s empowerment, helping them break through their inner glass ceilings, believe in themselves, and step into their authentic power through tailored programs.

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