ATO Audits – Q&A with Natasha Lie by Marion Burchell

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ATO Audits - Q&A with Natasha Lie by Marion Burchell

CEOs, business owners and GMs be prepared in case the ATO decides to target your organisation for an audit.

In this BWA Podcast Show, strategic leader Marion Burchell interviews LG Accounting Solutions Partner, Natasha Lie, to cover all the questions and more…

  1. What is the ATO currently targeting with their Audits?
  2. What steps can your business take to avoid being an audit target?
  3. What can I do to help get my business ready for the end of financial year?
  4. What should your accountant be doing for you and your business?

FACT: More than 59% of the audit activity recorded in 2020-21 was for claim types where the taxpayer or a bookkeeper may have prepared the lodged returns or managed the employer obligations compliance that were under audit, and the accountant had no involvement or hadn’t performed any review prior to the audit activity being instigated.

FACT: 32% of audits for the 2020-21 financial year were for BAS and employer obligations.

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