Originating as a local business women’s group in 2008, Business Women Australia has since grown to be a national community spanning from west coast to east.  Women from all professions and sectors join forces to make a bigger impact. As a collaborative enterprise, members bring their innovative ideas together and co-design and deliver exciting and valuable initiatives. Our aim is to facilitate the success of business women in Australia.


The BWA community shares a generosity of spirit while striving for growth.



Inclusion: We ensure everyone feels welcome and extend invitations to engage

Diversity: We accept differences without judgement

Courage: We are not afraid to think big and step out of our comfort zone

Generosity: Give back wholeheartedly and care about others

Collaboration: We work together to co-design and implement innovative ideas

Open Mindedness: We free our minds of distraction and bias

Conscious Leadership: We aim to be truly present and hold space

Loyalty and Honesty: We are authentically true and real

Optimism: We extend so much creative and positive energy, it’s contagious.