Originating as a local business women’s group in 2008, Business Women Australia has since grown to be a national community spanning from west coast to east.  Women from all professions and sectors join forces to make a bigger impact. As a collaborative enterprise, members bring their innovative ideas together and co-design and deliver exciting and valuable initiatives. Our aim is to facilitate the success of business women in Australia.


The BWA community shares a generosity of spirit while striving for growth.



Inclusion: We ensure everyone feels welcome and extend invitations to engage

Diversity: We accept differences without judgement

Courage: We are not afraid to think big and step out of our comfort zone

Generosity: Give back wholeheartedly and care about others

Collaboration: We work together to co-design and implement innovative ideas

Open Mindedness: We free our minds of distraction and bias

Conscious Leadership: We aim to be truly present and hold space

Loyalty and Honesty: We are authentically true and real

Optimism: We extend so much creative and positive energy, it’s contagious.

Our Collaborative Team

Behind the scenes our dynamic team works together to design and deliver opportunities for the BWA community.

We enjoy collaborating with Diamond and Premium members, Partners and Sponsors.


Together we achieve so much more.


Lyn Hawkins

National Director

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Donna Vincent

Accounts Manager

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Cathy Smith

Bunbuy Circle Leader and Digital Engagement Manager

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Sarah Gajek

Marketing Specialist

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Cindy Turner

Leader of Sunshine Coast and Executive Coach

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Bridget Hawkins

Communications Officer

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Annemarie Cross

Producer BWA Podcasts

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