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Vida is a Published Author, Speaker, and leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindset, and authentic accountability. Vida is honoured and privileged to be a member of the Business Women Australia Advisory Board.

Vida is a skilled social entrepreneur who began her career in accounting. Bringing 30 years hands on experience in business as an owner and consultant, Vida connects a unique way of integrating human potential with strategic outcomes that change the fundamental relationship between self and enterprise for holistic prosperity. Her years of practical experience, gained from applied learning in the area of human potential, has enabled Vida to merge alternative practices with core business principles to deliver results that help individuals and entrepreneurs step up and be their own greatest asset.

Vida travels extensively to guide, coach and facilitate. She believes we all have what it takes to realise our dreams, achieve greatness and live a fulfilling life, we sometimes just need a little help.

Vida’s mantra is Authentic, Inspirational, Experience. She loves exploring and expanding global awareness that lifts the human spirit. She is passionate about, family, life, nature and meaningful contribution along with creating opportunities to experience sacred space and the reclamation of feminine and masculine wisdom.


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