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I am honoured and privileged to be a member of the Business Women Australia Tribe.


I believe Women’s Wisdom is one of the greatest revolutions happening on our planet at this time and we are all part of it.  Women today are the most independent, free, educated and influential generation of women ever to walk this planet and yet, so many are stills struggling to fulfil their potential and reach levels of success and fulfilment they yearn for.


That is why I have spent many years, facilitating/guiding retreats, workshops and conscious coaching programs for professionals and entrepreneurs that are willing to do the soulful (internal) and strategic (external) work so they can have crystal clarity and fully live their most ambitious dreams.


I am a seeker of wisdom, lover of ritual and holder of sacred space. I began my career in accounting with now over 30 years as a business owner and consultant and what I found is most people have two stories, the story they live and the story the secretly wished they lived. They have no idea how good they can feel or how extraordinary they are or how successful they can be. So, I guide women that are ready to rewire their intellectual, emotional and intuitive intelligence to exceed the limits of their minds and tap into quantum potential/


My title is Inspirer; I am not sure if it’s always true however I do my best to be a beacon of inspiration. I am a published Author of MY POWER STATEMENT, Speaker, and influencer in Conscious Evolution, Wisdom Mindset, and Authentic Accountability.


I help women through a unique combination of ancient wisdom practices, neuro processes and contemporary techniques that move you beyond containment and into empowerment.


I am a successful businesswoman who consciously participates and guides in life’s unfolding, and I would love to assist you in your unfolding so if this interests you or you feel a calling, please book a time and let’s have a good conversation.


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