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My background has always been in customer service – starting off in the hospitality industry. My love of property blossomed in 2001 and in 2003 I began my profession in real estate.

I am constantly learning all there is to real estate and evolving to better serve my clients and provided them with the best options that suit their needs and maximising results.

I am passionate about real estate and it is in my nature to look after people (possibly a Cancerian trait?). To me, it makes absolute sense to combine the two and in return, I benefit from a rewarding career of matching people and property.

I am extremely excited about the future of Mi Casa and hope you will come on board and join us on our journey forward.

Some quirky facts…

Nickname: Lambchop, Lammy
Birthplace: King Edward Memorial Hospital
I’m absolutely hopeless at: Shopping
I’m very good at: Avoiding real exercise
Childhood crush: Astro Boy
From my bucket list: To see the Northern Lights and walk with the tortoises at the Galapagos Islands (not at the same time of course!)
My super power: Fantastic sense of smell, but I think that’s making up for my sight as I’m blind as a bat…
What I can write a book on: My embarrassing moments! Oh I have so many.
Favourite quote: “Yesterday has gone, tomorrow will never come, live for today”.

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