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Caitriona Mcelroy is a problem solver with a technology and cybersecurity focus. From the many years of experience working with business owners from all industries and varying sizes, she has a strong business operations focus and utilizes this knowledge to ensure technology complements the pursuit of profitability, service excellence and operational effectiveness. As an independent consultant and Director of Zento Global, Catriona has been instrumental in helping drive fantastic business success stories.

“My passion for technology in business continues to grow, and in more recent years, I have focused on Cyber Security and its impact on Small to Medium size businesses. After finishing University in 2004, I started as a systems engineer, and through my desire to fix problems and build strong relationships with customers, I soon found myself in leadership roles – this has translated really well to setting up and building my own consulting practice.”

Main areas of expertise

  • IT Consulting
  • IT Health Checks & Roadmaps
  • Virtual Chief Information Officer
  • Cyber Security audits
  • Cyber Security Awareness training
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Classic Member in Perth

P: 0434009003

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