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Listen to Our Podcast and Hear from Our Fearless Leaders. Our podcasts, hosted by Business Women Australia, feature interviews with our courageous Leader Members. These inspiring women are determined to make a difference in business and leadership and share their stories to impact our community and beyond. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts and join us on this exciting journey of discovery and growth!

High Performing Teams With Marion Burchell and Lyn Hawkins

High Performing Teams With Marion Burchell and Lyn Hawkins

In this BWA PODCAST, Lyn Hawkins (National Director, BWA) and Marion Burchell (Director, Azolla Holdings) discuss what high performing teams and organisations do differently. Listen and hear how you can achieve the best outcomes possible in your space.

All leaders navigating today’s challenges in building and motivating teams will get value from hearing this leadership conversation.

– What do high performing teams do differently?
– Why does it matter?
– How can you become a high performing team or organisation?
– What tips can be taken from the personal experience of leading a high performing team?
– The one BIG take away for our listeners….

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ATO Audits - Q&A with Natasha Lie by Marion Burchell

CEOs, business owners and GMs be prepared in case the ATO decides to target your organisation for an audit.

In this BWA Podcast Show, strategic leader Marion Burchell interviews LG Accounting Solutions Partner, Natasha Lie, to cover all the questions and more…

  1. What is the ATO currently targeting with their Audits?
  2. What steps can your business take to avoid being an audit target?
  3. What can I do to help get my business ready for the end of financial year?
  4. What should your accountant be doing for you and your business?

FACT: More than 59% of the audit activity recorded in 2020-21 was for claim types where the taxpayer or a bookkeeper may have prepared the lodged returns or managed the employer obligations compliance that were under audit, and the accountant had no involvement or hadn’t performed any review prior to the audit activity being instigated.

FACT: 32% of audits for the 2020-21 financial year were for BAS and employer obligations.

Women in Wealth Management

Women in Wealth Management with Belina von Knoll

In this episode of The BWA Podcast Show our National Director, Lyn Hawkins interviews award winning Private Client Adviser, Belinda Knoll.

Australia needs more women to choose financial advisory and wealth management careers. That’s a fact. It is also known that female advisers generally do very well in this profession. Belinda will share insights into her career decision and professional journey as a financial planner. This experienced duo will discuss ways we can address the low percentage of Australian women choosing this career option and also why women often delay engaging a financial planner in their own wealth building. Learn more about the role of a financial planner, fees and how to choose a good adviser. Hear what is included in a good wealth management plan and the best stage of life to seek assistance. Be inspired by Belinda’s “no nonsense” approach, sage advice and extraordinary experience as an advisor and SMSF specialist.

Belinda enjoys working with her clients to build long term relationships. Her goal is to help her clients achieve peace of mind by ensuring they have plan in place to reach their financial and personal goals.

Belinda holds a BA in comparative Literature, a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and is a Specialist SMSF Advisor with the Self- Managed Superannuation Fund Association. She is also the Secretary of the WA Branch of the Self- Managed Superannuation Fund Association.

How to Shift Your Subconscious “Money Blueprint” For Financial Success with Helen Nan

How to Shift Your Subconscious “Money Blueprint” For Financial Success with Helen Nan

My guest today says, “Financial freedom means having the flexibility to make the most out of our life without relying on a paying job.”    

Joining me today is Helen Nan.

Helen Nan has been a financial adviser since 2011, helping hundreds of clients achieve their lifestyle goals and aspirations. Helen takes time to deeply understand the dreams, aspirations, and goals of her clients, as well as the pains and fears that hold them back. Then she applies specialized expertise and frameworks to turn these desires into measurable numbers, followed by clear action plans to achieve financial freedom or comfortable retirement.  

Helen Nan is the author of “Your best life” and the founder of Compound Freedom.   

On today’s show, Helen will share: 

  1. Three top tips to achieve financial freedom or comfortable retirement for business owners 
  2. How changing your subconscious “money blueprint” can bring financial success 
  3. The power of compound interest   
Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Leading Change with Tracy Cooper

Five Mistakes You Should Avoid When Leading Change with Tracy Cooper

Joining me today is Tracy Cooper.

Tracy Cooper has a passion for change.  She’s a change management specialist, who combines theory and a proven practical approach to support leaders and teams to enhance their performance and lead change within their businesses. 

Whilst her early career was in agricultural science, she transitioned to delivering leadership programs in rural and regional communities of Qld in the 1990s.  

From this experience, in 2001 along with her business partner Maria Nolan, Tracy launched SeeChange Consulting. And they have just celebrated the 22nd birthday of SeeChange!  

A wonderful journey helping leaders and their teams to embrace their challenges and make change happen.  

On today’s show, Tracy will share: 

  1. The 5 mistakes to avoid when leading change 
  2. How to help people choose to change and to get involved to ‘make it happen’ in your organisation, as a leader 
  3. How to reduce the stress and overwhelm in changing times 
DEI: An in-depth Understanding With Marion Burchell

DEI: An in-depth Understanding With Marion Burchell

My guest today says, “ Diversity is not just about race, gender, disability or whether you’re an immigrant. It is usually the unseen gap. It can be age, socioeconomic status, education, thought. “ 

 Joining me today is Marion Burchell.

Marion is the Managing Director for Azolla Holdings Pty Ltd, a management consulting business focused on the confluence of strategy, innovation and technology. 

With degrees in science, sociology, policy and planning, along with a Certificate in Public Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School of Government, she brings a unique perspective on topics based on her experience across sectors, disciplines and practices.  

On today’s show, Marion will share: 

  1.  A deeper understanding of DEI and its benefits   
  2.  DEI extends beyond HR & Training – find out how others are winning in the workplace   
  3.  Shift the DEI conversation to one of creating better outcomes for all   

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