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Listen to Our Podcast and Hear from Our Fearless Leaders. Our podcasts, hosted by Business Women Australia, feature interviews with our courageous Leader Members. These inspiring women are determined to make a difference in business and leadership and share their stories to impact our community and beyond. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts and join us on this exciting journey of discovery and growth!

High Performing and Sustainable Teams

BWA PODCAST SHOW: High Performing and Sustainable Teams

Join Jodi Cottle, business owner and author of The Pocket MBA as she discusses with Business Women Australia’s National Director Lyn Hawkins how to not just create a high performing team but how to create a culture to make them sustainable part of the businesses.

Jodi will talk about how to:

  1. 1.       Focus on culture and develop a recruitment strategy that ensures success.

  2. 2.       Use two leadership frameworks that foster high-performing work environments.

  3. 3.       How to measure accountability and competency in your staff to sustain high-performance.

From a successful leadership career in the corporate sector to an award-winning franchisee, to now a published author, Jodi will talk through her journey and what drove her to take the leap to becoming a franchise owner. Jodi also discusses some of the elephants in the room on the all-too-common challenges that women in business face, and how she overcame these to consistently lead high-performing and cohesive teams across her career.


Business owner and author of Your Pocket MBA, Jodi completed her MBA in 2013, specialising in sustainable customer experience strategies. In addition, she undertook study in applied cognitive neuroscience in the field of leadership, which quickly became a passion. Jodi applied her understanding of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology in real-world scenarios, delivering outstanding results, with a long list of stable, cohesive and high-performing teams.

After moving from New Zealand to now living in Australia, she has established a high-performing business within the world’s largest aesthetics franchise network, Laser Clinics Australia. Jodi’s business has won multiple awards including Franchisee of the Year in 2021 and Clinic Manager of the Year in 2022.

BWA PODCAST SHOW: Meeting ASIC’s Climate Action Expectations in Business

Join Dr Kate from Galactic Sustainability and BWA’s Coordinator Leanne Jeffery as they discuss the importance of why businesses need to incorporate sustainability as a practice and what all businesses can do to reduce their risk.


Kate is a leader in the Sustainability and Circular Economy field – working, studying and exploring the many facets that make up Sustainability as we know it today. Kate has a Masters in Public Policy and a PhD in Planning and my areas of expertise and interest are in the Circular Economy, Sustainability in Business, Sustainability Branding, Sustainable Urban Planning, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Transport, Transit Orientated Development, and Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment. Kate has worked for governments at all levels, large corporations, and Universities – implementing and integrating sustainability principles and practices. Kate is also a Co-founder and a Governing Fellow of the Galactic Cooperative, who are leading the way for the development of a Circular Economy in WA; and is leading the Circular Economy agenda for GHD in Canberra.

Mental Health in Cyber Security

Mental Health in Cyber Security with Caitriona Ford

We all know we need to be cyber aware but what are the ramifications of your mental health when you are the victim of cyber security? How can work places help their staff to be be more cyber security savvy and what are the every day things we can implement to help keep us and others safe on the world wide web?

Join Cyber Security expert Caitriona Forde from CaIT and BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery for this in depth conversation on how to keep yours and your staffs mental health in check while dealing with cyber crime.

Fostering Financial Wellness Strategies and Benefits for Employers and Employees

Fostering Financial Wellness: Strategies and Benefits for Employers and Employees with Kathryn Dixon

My guest today says, “The stats don’t lie – financial wellbeing is important for employees and employers.”    

Joining me today is Kathryn Dixon. 

Kathryn is a Relationship Manager within the Employee Solutions team at Insignia Financial (formally IOOF), Kathryn works with employers to help them implement and deliver employee benefits to their staff.  

Those benefits include financial education and support designed to help develop and enhance their financial wellbeing as well as insurance and superannuation services.   

On today’s show, Kathryn will share: 

  1. Facts and figures to illustrate why employers should consider implementing a financial wellbeing program; 
  2. Strategies to building financial wellbeing; 
  3. The benefits for employer and employee of investing in a financial wellbeing program. 
Voice to Parliament with Kyra Galante

Voice to Parliament with Kyra Galante

As a nation we have the opportunity to make history this year and take an important step on the path to reconciliation. Join Business Women Australia’s Coordinator Leanne Jeffery and Kyra Galante, Worley Australia’s First Nations Participation Director for this meaningful conversation.

This live podcast will dive into what a First Nations Voice would mean for our country and for all of us who call Australia home. We will cover key questions including:

What is the referendum all about?
What will the Voice to Parliament do?
Where did it originate and why?
Why is the Voice an important step?
What are the reasons why The Indigenous Voice has been controversial?

Don’t miss this important, respectful and positive conversation. Everyone who shares the values of BWA embracing diversity, inclusion and conscious care are welcome.

Playing to Your Strengths with Maree Gooch

Playing to Your Strengths with Maree Gooch

Join Maree Gooch from Value Creators with BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery as they discuss how you can leverage your strengths to get the most out of business, work and opportunities.

ABOUT MAREE GOOCH: As a business leader, chairperson and director, Maree creates value wherever she goes. She is a Director and the co-founder of Value Creators, a Director on a number of advisory boards at a national level and Chair of CRISP Wireless providing fast and reliable internet across regional WA, will be the President of Rotary Club of Perth for 2022- 2023 and is a highly sought-after facilitator, business coach and adviser. She is known for her ability to clarify complicated business concepts, while guiding practical programs that achieve results. Her knowledge comes from holding numerous key managerial portfolios including Company Director, Project Manager and Strategy Manager across business, tourism, finance, agriculture, government and exporting. Maree has chaired 28 organisations in the past 32 years. She is a Graduate and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors since 2004, Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management since 2010, holds an Executive MBA (UWA) and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

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