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BWA PODCAST SHOW: How to Turn Your Coaching Passion Into a Thriving Business

Join BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery in an upcoming episode as she engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Cathy Smith, the brilliant mind behind Catco and author of “Coaches Marketing Roadmap.” Uncover the mysteries of coaching and marketing as Leanne delves into the top challenges coaches face, explores how coaches can make a real impact and help everyone, and unveils the power of storytelling as a marketing tool. Cathy shares practical insights on how coaches can find their ideal clients and, for those eager to elevate their coaching journey, discover where to buy the transformative “Coaches Marketing Roadmap” book. Don’t miss this episode on the Business Women Australia Podcast. Subscribe now for an empowering discussion that will reshape your approach to coaching and marketing!


Cathy Smith is a dynamic and inspiring speaker, renowned author, and a seasoned marketing expert with over 35 years of experience in the industry. Cathy founded Cathy Smith Coaching after noticing many brilliant coaches struggling to make a living from their practice. She recognised that coaches are often taught to coach but not to run a coaching business – two entirely different skill sets. Helping coaches transform their practices into thriving businesses has become a rewarding part of her career.
As the author of The Coaches Marketing Roadmap, Cathy has established herself as a leading authority in the fields of coaching and marketing. Her passion for empowering coaches to transform their skills into thriving businesses has made her a sought-after speaker and consultant in both the coaching and marketing communities.

Buy The Coaches Marketing Roadmap HERE
BWA PODCAST SHOW: Choosing Change in your life – 5 tips to help you on your change journey. 

Choosing change in your life can be an exciting and rejuvenating experience. But it can also be challenging and overwhelming. 

It’s one thing to determine ‘what’ you wish to change, but it’s a whole different step to determine ‘how’ you make that change happen. 

Tracy will share her 5 tips based on her recent lived experience of leaving her previous company where she worked for 22 years and starting a new business as ‘Tracy Cooper Change Specialist’. 

Tracy’s tips are practical and thought provoking and will help you approach your chosen change with confidence. 


Tracy Cooper is a Change Specialist who supports senior leaders to tackle the challenges of implementing change in their organisations.

With her combined expertise in leadership, change management and facilitation, she utilises theory and turns this into a proven practical approach to guide you in your transformation processes.

Whilst her early career was in agricultural science, she transitioned to delivering leadership programs in rural and regional communities of Qld via the Department of Primary Industries ‘Building Rural Leaders Program.’

Based on this learning and experience of delivering leadership programs, in 2001 she joined forces with Maria Nolan and launched SeeChange Consulting.

Using their action learning approach, underpinned by their enviable expertise and accreditation in Prosci Change Management methodology, they created programs that have brought major change to the lives of individuals, regional communities and businesses in the financial services, agribusiness, local government, childcare, aged care and the broader not- for- profit sectors for 23 years.

Utilising all the experience, techniques and tools developed over those two decades, in early 2024 Tracy commenced her individual journey as Tracy Cooper Change Specialist. She is passionate about helping those who wish to lead themselves to learn, thrive, embrace change and make a difference in their world. 

You can read Tracy’s 5 tips about moving through chosen change HERE
BWA PODCAST SHOW: Run Your Business, Don’t Let it Run You.

Join Business Women Australia’s Coordinator Leanne Jeffery with Thryv Australia and New Zealand‘s CRO Elise Balsillie as they dive into the world of small business ownership. Leanne and Elise will explore the unique challenges that women entrepreneurs face today and discuss strategies to overcome them. Elise shares her expertise on how small business owners can rediscover their passion and get back to doing what they love. We unravel the mysteries of the modern digital landscape, providing valuable insights on how business owners can understand and adapt to this ever-changing world. Discover the keys to selecting the right digital tools for your business with Elise’s expert guidance. Whether you’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey or contemplating quitting, our conversation offers invaluable advice to inspire and empower you. Tune in for a dynamic discussion filled with practical tips and encouragement to help you not only navigate the challenges but also thrive in the world of small business.


Elise has an innate passion for supporting the lifeblood of our nation: small businesses.

As Chief Revenue Officer, Elise holds revenue responsibility for all brands in the Thryv Australia and New Zealand portfolios including Thryv, White Pages, Yellow Pages, Thryv Agency, True Local and Thryv Data.

She’s committed to helping small businesses succeed in a demanding landscape; according to Elise, the most rewarding part of her role is hearing from small business owners tell her how much their lives have changed since digitising their business with Thryv, resulting in more time to get back to what they love.

Professionally, Elise is most proud of how invested she is in her people and supporting all employees within the Thryv organisation. Personally, she could not be prouder of her incredible boys – Brodie, 19 and Cooper, 15.

Elise is GAICD accredited (Australian Institute of Company Directors) and has completed the Harvard Leadership Program.

Empowering Women in Business: Exploring the Benefits of Joining Business Women Australia

Welcome to “Why Join Business Women Australia” the podcast where we delve into the world of BWA’s professional development and community connection, with a focus on the benefits of joining Business Women Australia (BWA) as a member. This is a great Podcast to listen to if you are considering joining this national community of dynamic women. Listen as Lyn Hawkins and Leanne Jeffery explore how BWA is empowering female leadership with women in business across Australia and beyond.

In this episode of The BWA Podcast Show, Lyn and Leanne discuss the tangible and psychological benefits gained from being part of this fast growing community.

From networking opportunities and professional development resources to profile building connection events, we uncover the many ways in which BWA supports women in their entrepreneurial and executive journey’s.

Hear from Lyn Hawkins, National Director – and Founder – of Business Women Australia. Lyn is a seasoned business leader and shares inspiring insights to showcase the transformative impact of joining this influential organisation.

Whether you’re a founder, senior board director or a professional looking to advance your career, this podcast will unpack how BWA can help you thrive in the world of business.


BWA PODCAST SHOW: Tiny Homes, Big Impact

Tune in as BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery engages in a conversation with Sue Daley from Pocket Condos, exploring the profound influence of compact living. Sue delves into the implications and expenses associated with the tiny home lifestyle, shedding light on the challenges faced in dealing with local government. Discover their efforts to alleviate the rental crisis in Western Australia by increasing the accessibility of these homes and advocating for legislative changes.


Sue Daley is a renovation expert, project manager & designer with over 20 years’ experience and is the co-founder and owner of a successful construction company in the Peel Region of WA.

Sue Daley saw a need in the housing industry for an alternative solution to standard housing construction, one which supports an accelerated construction cycle to meet the demands of the West Australian housing market.

Download your FREE tiny home handbook HERE


Join BWA Coordinator Leanne Jeffery with her special guest Vida Carlino for their podcast Liberate Self.

Join Leanne and Vida as they’re diving deep into a transformative journey of self-discovery and conscious living.

In the chaos of life, where demands pull you in every direction, have you unintentionally dimmed your radiant light? Liberate Self is your ticket to breaking free! We’re talking practical, enduring skills that seamlessly fit into your daily routine, helping you shift perspectives, take control of your bustling mind, and navigate life with authenticity and joy.

Vida will be dropping gems of wisdom—tried and tested practices that demand minimal time but promise a remarkable shift in your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

About Vida Carlino

Vida is a Published Author, Speaker and Leader in conscious evolution, inspirational mindfulness and authentic accountability. She is a social entrepreneur, founder of Inspiration Source, owner of the Inspiration Space and author of MY POWER STATEMENT. Vida strives to inspire everyone to live a more enriched, fulfilling and conscious life. Since the age of 24, Vida has been in business for herself, and successfully owned and operated multiple businesses. As an experienced and wise facilitator Vida deliberately creates micro moments of impact to inspire a willingness to express the trust that allows real conversation to unfold regardless of discomfort, challenge or viewpoint.

Click HERE to connect with Vida to be the FIRST to know about her new online course

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