These interviews are BWA Leaders from the Premium level. They are ambitious women serious about business and leadership. They chose to share their voice so you could learn something new from them and learn about them as they build a brand and influence.

Hosted by Annemarie Cross

You’re invited to tune into the regular Business Women Australia PODCAST. We are proud of our partnership with Premium Member Annemarie Cross and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Network to produce this inspirational and informative show.

We feature industry specialists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and employers who are leading members of Business Women Australia. Tune in and enjoy!

Life reflects who we are willing to be with Vida Carlino

Life reflects who we are willing to be with Vida Carlino

My guest on today’s show believes that: “Life reflects who we are willing to be.”

Joining me today is Vida Carlino.

Vida is a published author and speaker, leading coach in conscious evolution, authentic account-ability and inspirational mindset. She guides entrepreneurs and professionals to show up fully, be self-empowered and succeed through deliberate design.

Vida loves life, family, sunny days, risqué moments, laughter, people with open hearts, authentic-ity, stretching beyond, bright colours, great bed, best coffee, reckless dancing, raw honesty, world peace, people who inspire push and hold me accountable, universal consciousness, stillness, craziness, friendship, love, romance, showing up fully, living deliberately, dr Seuss, Music that lifts her spirit and cracks her heart, sacred space, ritual, mindfulness, being empowered, making a difference, spiritual practice.

Websites that Allow your Customers to Buy & Not Just be Sold To with Cathy Smith

Websites that Allow your Customers to Buy & Not Just be Sold To with Cathy Smith

My guest on today’s show says: “Google doesn’t pay your bills – your customer do. Always put your customers FIRST.”

As a business owner – are you putting your customers first when it comes to your website?

Joining me today is Cathy Smith.

Being the owner of CATCO Enterprises for the last 16 years and an experienced web and graphic designer she knows how crucial it is to get your business in front of the right people. These people can then become your customers.

One of the lessons that Cathy has learnt through her professional career is that businesses need to build strong relationships with their clients. We all want to feel valued, respected and have the opportunity to buy – not just be sold too.

Strategic growth and business development initiatives

Strategic growth and business development initiatives with Lyn Hawkins

According to my guest, she believes that being successful in business is the combination of a powerful vision that has value, the ability to make this real, and the resolve to keep going.

Joining me today is Lyn Hawkins.

Lyn is a Director of Business Women Australia. Since first coming on board as an angel investor and adviser, she has loved seeing how the collective is fast becoming one of the most active and influential groups for women in business.

Her career spans over 25 years in business strategy, entrepreneurship, marketing and general management. She has held senior roles with KPMG, Telstra, HHG Legal Group and HLB Mann Judd.

She believes her career has been preparing her for the work she does now, and loves so much, with Business Women Australia. No longer just advising BWA, she is actively involved on a day-to-day basis, in leading the national strategic growth and business development for BWA.

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