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These interviews are BWA Leaders from the Premium level. They are ambitious women serious about business and leadership. They chose to share their voice so you could learn something new from them and learn about them as they build a brand and influence.

Hosted by Annemarie Cross

You’re invited to tune into the regular Business Women Australia PODCAST. We are proud of our partnership with Premium Member Annemarie Cross and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Network to produce this inspirational and informative show.

We feature industry specialists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and employers who are leading members of Business Women Australia. Tune in and enjoy!

The Power of Collaborations

The Power of Collaborations with Lyn Hawkins

Join Lyn Hawkins, National Director of BWA with Annemarie Cross, BWA Podcast Manager & Core Business Foundations Facilitator, along with eight guests in the BWA Podcast Virtual Studio. 

If you are keen to explore the power of collaborations as we live stream this event across multiple channels, register today. 

Together we are BETTER is no doubt a quote you’re familiar with. The BWA collective has been built on this mantra. The rich talent and resources of the BWA community are extraordinary and now might be the perfect time to see what opportunities you can create through collaborating! 

How to Make Your Marketing Work for Your Business

How to Make Your Marketing Work for Your Business with Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith is the granddaughter of an artist; design has been her whole life. Creating marketing that exposes her clients to their ideal customers; allows their business to be seen and grow; is why Cathy is still in the same business 21 years on. 

Cathy’s marketing agency CATCO Enterprises is on a mission to make sure that small businesses thrive and that they get a positive return on their marketing dollar. Cathy’s vision is to provide powerful and responsive marketing that grows her client’s businesses so that they can make a positive impact in their communities. 

Shift Your Paradigm and Change Your Results With Fiona Yue

Shift Your Paradigm and Change Your Results with Fiona Yue

Fiona is an accredited Proctor Gallagher Consultant trained by Bob & Sandy. She engages in keynote speaking across the globe, as well as personally guiding each of their clients through the Program 

Originally coming from China, Fiona now resides in Western Australia. She’s a mother of 2, an MBA, a sophisticated investor, and an entrepreneur who in the past 20 years, has founded, co-founded and managed businesses ranging from financial institutions, consulting, manufacturing, retail, and wholesale to international trading turning over up to $200 million-plus with staffing up to 10,000.  

As a result of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher’s teachings and her personal journey, Fiona has a unique perspective on what it takes to transform your personal and professional results in a calm and confident manner. 

And, she can’t wait to share them with you! 

The Beauty of Letting Go

The Beauty of Letting Go with Kathy McKenzie

Kathy McKenzie is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and Founder and Director of FIREUP Coaching.  Her lifelong love of learning serves her to continually explore ways in which she can keep expanding her worldview and connecting with clients in deeper and more meaningful ways. 

She shares her joy of travel and living by the beach with her husband John and is currently writing a book called “Relinquish with Love” which explores how to let go of the things in life that hold us back. 

Core Business Foundations Scholarship Announcement for Coaches

Core Business Foundations Scholarship Announcement for Coaches with Annemarie Cross

Are you a coach/consultant who feels like the world’s best-kept secret – despite your vast experience and value you can offer clients, and all the hard work you’ve put in marketing your business?

Industry Thought Leader Academy has partnered with Business Women Australia and is launching TWO Scholarships in the Core Business Foundations Business Development Program valued at $1997 each.

If you realise you need to implement the Core Business Foundations into your business, BWA and Industry Thought Leader Academy are offering a special reduction into the program – ONLY available during the Scholarship Promotion campaign (17th July 2022 deadline).

Go to:

BWA Members: If you are a BWA Member, receive 25% off using the coupon BWA25

Non-Members: If you aren’t a member of BWA, receive 15% off using the coupon BWA15

3 Tips to Protect Your Business from Hackers

3 Tips to Protect Your Business from Hackers with Caitriona Forde

Passionate about protecting small businesses from hackers, Cait is on a mission to educate businesses and our community to understand the risk of cyberattacks. The stakes of a cyber-attack are at an all-time high, yet Cait believes that taking small steps to improve your online security will decrease your chances of getting hacked. 

With years of experience working with businesses of all sizes and across many industries, she has a strong understanding of business operations and what is required for business growth. She applies this knowledge when devising and implementing tech solutions, that will securely assist with business growth.

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