These interviews are BWA Leaders from the Premium level. They are ambitious women serious about business and leadership. They chose to share their voice so you could learn something new from them and learn about them as they build a brand and influence.

Hosted by Annemarie Cross

You’re invited to tune into the regular Business Women Australia PODCAST. We are proud of our partnership with Premium Member Annemarie Cross and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Network to produce this inspirational and informative show.

We feature industry specialists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and employers who are leading members of Business Women Australia. Tune in and enjoy!

Become the voice in your industry through book publishing with Bev Ryan

Become the voice in your industry through book publishing with Bev Ryan

My guest today says:

Establishing yourself as a voice in your industry through book publishing is one of the powerful tools women can use to gain credibility, respect and a voice at the table. In fact, it may be one of the most powerful steps towards a better balance in Australia’s boardrooms and management in what are considered ‘male-dominated’ industries.

Joining me on today’s show is Bev Ryan.

As a non-fiction book coach & book production manager (with career coaching skills), Bev loves to work with self-determining professional and business women, who have a desire to connect with their world in a meaningful and impactful way through publishing.

How to Create a Business from Less than Ideal Circumstances with Lisa Burling

How to Create a Business from Less than Ideal Circumstances with Lisa Burling

Joining me on today’s show is Lisa Burling.

Lisa is a journalist, PR professional, entrepreneur, businesswoman and author.

In 2013, a chain of devastating events resulted in her being an unemployed, single mum of two boys under three. Whilst in the Centrelink queue wondering how this was her reality, she decided to set up a PR consultancy, LBPR. Most people thought she was crazy.

Fast forward four years later, and LBPR is currently the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s Small PR Consultancy of the Year. She has also created Catalyst, Australia’s first student-run consultancy, enabling charities access to pro bono PR, and students access to real world experience.

She is an author of her first book Dream A Little Dream, which is all about the power of little dreams to change your life fast.

She’s also a proud Ambassador for Inspiring Rare Birds and The AusMumpreneur Network, and a former Businesswoman of the Year in my home city of Wollongong.

Use Speaking to Grow Your Business & Your Brand with Paula Smith

Use Speaking to Grow Your Business & Your Brand with Paula Smith

Imagine for a moment, you’ve been asked to give a presentation to a group of 150 of your peers and ideal clients.

Do you (a) think, fantastic! Can’t wait to inspire and empower them. Or (b) want to curl up in a heap because you just don’t like speaking in public?

Joining me on today’s show is Paula Smith.

Paula is a bit obsessed about quality training and presenting. In fact she has been helping experts, entrepreneurs and organisations to grow their business and their brands by harnessing the power of speaking for the past 30 years. She loves the results she gets working closely with her clients and she gets as addicted to you reaching your goals as you do.

Paula Smith is an expert in Presentation Intelligence and Neuropresenting. A professional speaker, author, master trainer and business coach Paula is also a (CSP) globally certified Certified Speaking Professional.

Business Woman Standing Out & Making an Impact with Annemarie Cross

Business Woman Standing Out & Making an Impact with Annemarie Cross

The tables are being turned in this episode, where Director of Business Women Australia – Lyn Hawkins interviews Annemarie Cross about how Business Women can Stand Out and Making an Impact in the Workplace.

On today’s show, Annemarie shares:

  • Why we need to share our gifts, strengths and talents with the world;
  • Having the confidence to speak up and challenge the status quo;
  • Imposter Syndrome and being mindful of our inner critic and the inner chatter that may keep us stuck.
How to Effectively Lead People Across Borders with Jessica Schubert

Cross-Cultural Intelligence: How to Effectively Lead People Across Borders with Jessica Schubert

In a recent article “Being the Boss in Brussels, Boston, and Beijing” published on Harvard Business Review, author Erin Meyer begins by saying: “Cultural differences in leadership styles often create unexpected misunderstandings.”

As leaders in business we know that any misunderstanding within our teams is going to impact morale and ultimately performance negatively.

So, joining me today to speak more on the topic of Cross-Cultural Intelligence is Jessica Schubert.

An accredited Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator – Jessica works with individual professionals and corporate teams. Her passion is to help people increase awareness of who they are as a person and as a leader. She equips them with tools to help them make sustainable behavioural change, to be happier individuals with a greater sense of emotional and social intelligence and to impact people around them positively. Ultimately she supports them to be better leaders.

Over the last 20 years Jessica has led large cross-cultural teams in Europe and Asia in the corporate world and she draws on her expertise in leading and growing organisations predominantly in the services industry but most and foremost from working with people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Dealing with Disruption

Dealing with Disruption: Will you be the Disruptor or the Disrupted? with Pauline Bright

According to Australian Bureau of Statistics one of the biggest challenges for businesses is to stick with it long enough to make enough money. The failure rate is also attributed to a lack of financial understanding and lack of management ability.

In fact Business Women Australia’s Core Data Research confirmed that many femate business leaders saw achieving business growth to be both the biggest macro challenge and biggest opportunity in the new financial year.

Add to that the changes being felt across many industries – disruption is well and truly upon us.

If this is something that concerns you too, then today’s guest is here to help.

Joining me today is Pauline Bright.

Pauline Bright is an award winning business owner and business coach who, over the last 12 years, has coached and trained hundreds of small business owners.  She has owned 11 businesses over 35 years in advertising, design, consulting, retail, manufacturing, and wholesaling. She has been profiled in national magazines, had her design work distributed globally and been a trainer and facilitator for major national companies.

Pauline speaks engagingly about what it takes to be a success, with plenty of practical instructions as well.  She simplifies complex business strategies to make running a business easier, more enjoyable and more profitable.

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