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Hosted by Annemarie Cross

You’re invited to tune into the regular Business Women Australia PODCAST. We are proud of our partnership with Premium Member Annemarie Cross and The Ambitious Entrepreneur Network to produce this inspirational and informative show.

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The challenges of pivoting to online learning

The challenges of pivoting to online learning with Kathy McKenzie

Kathy has been a pioneer in the field of coaching in Australia. She is an innovator and entrepreneur who loves seeing others evolve.

She has seen thousands of people change their lives through the coaching and training FIREUP conducts.  Kathy founded FIREUP Coaching which has evolved to becoming one of the leading Australian Registered Training Organization’s in the area of Accredited Leadership and Coach Training.

On today’s show, Kathy will share:

  1. The challenge of taking the FIREUP Programs online
  2. Obtaining funding to develop and deliver post covid recovery programs
Success is not a secret, it is following a system with Fiona Yue

Success is not a secret, it is following a system with Fiona Yue

Fiona is the Director of PGY Consultants, an accredited consultant with The Proctor Gallagher Institute that was established by the legendary Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Fiona originated from Northern China and came to Australia via Edith Cowan University over two decades ago.  She holds an MBA, is the Managing Director of Merino & Co, the largest merino wool products and luxury knitwear manufacturer in Australia, and enjoys  investing in many areas.

Having run multiple businesses, Fiona felt she never knew why she succeeded outrageously in some and failed miserably in others until undertaking the Proctor Gallagher program. She says “Success is not a secret. It is in fact a system. For all my successes I have been following the system unconsciously and for all those failures I have been working against the system.  Now with this system, I have transformed my results in every area of my life and it’s my mission and passion to help others do the same.”

What to do to get the grant with Julia Spicer.

Rural Australia has the answers to the world’s problems

Julia runs her business, Engage & Create Consulting from Goondiwindi in South West Queensland.
Engage & Creates’ focus is to support the viability and vibrancy of businesses and community organisations across regional Australia.

They work with regional communities on a range of projects, with the focus on identifying needs in business and implementing creative solutions to address them.

Julia’s passion lies with small businesses, sustainable agriculture and regional women in leadership.

Hindsight 2020 BWA Leadership - Jessica Schubert, Donna Vincent, Lyn Hawkins, Cathy Smith

Hindsight: Challenges are inevitable. Defeat is optional.

Join Business Women Australia’s Leadership Team LIVE as they discuss the lessons and learnings they’ll be leveraging as they prepare for 2021.

BWA Leadership: Jessica Schubert | Donna Vincent (Top) Lyn Hawkins | Cathy Smith (Middle) Annemarie Cross (Bottom)

The 3 biggest problems women face when it comes to money with Tracey Sofra.

Tracey is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and financial educator who spends her time sharing the knowledge, experience and passion she has helping professional women achieve financial independence.

Tracey has over 25 years’ experience running two fast paced businesses as an Accountant and Financial Planner. She is an expert in the areas of wealth creation, leadership, achievement and fulfilment. As a mum and business leader she has walked a successful path for over two decades, and has proven methods – knowing what it takes to be successful at work and in life.

5 Steps for Reaching Your Goals with Georgia Bamber

My guest today says, “Reaching your goals is not an impossible dream.  It is simply a matter of following a process.”

Joining me on today’s show is Georgia Bamber.

Georgia is a success coach, speaker and author of “Achieve Anything You Want” .  Using practical tools and mindset strategies, she teaches people to create the success they are looking for, to making positive changes and to reach their goals.  Her mission: to help as many people as possible to live the most happy, healthy, vibrant lives they can.

As well as being a certified coach, she is a graduate of Cornell University, has an MBA, a masters in psychology and a certification in plant-based nutrition.

Georgia is a mother of two teenage boys, an endurance athlete and plant-based lifestyle advocate, so she know just what it is like to do the juggle between motherhood, entrepreneurship and maintaining a healthy mind and body.

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