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Emma Fraser – Fraser Marketing International

As a global Branding, Marketing and Communications expert, based out of Perth and with 20 years of international experience, I work with businesses as well as individuals, across Australia, Singapore, Dubai and beyond…requiring Branding and Marketing strategy, expertise and action. I am renowned for facilitating engaging Brand & Marketing Workshops – helping clients gain a clear understanding of who they are, why they exist and how they can take themselves to market successfully.

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Jackie Kirkwood – Shadforth Financial Group

I have over 25 years’ experience in both the Australian and South African financial services industries. I specialise in structuring sound financial futures for my clients, including cash flow strategies, investment strategies, debt strategies and building and protecting wealth in a tax effective manner.

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Brenda Tsiaousis – Brenda Tsiaousis International

Brenda Tsiaousis is known as “The Connector of Dreams” for her ability to draw out what’s best within each of her clients—to inspire, empower and transform them but also to move them into action. To not only discover what makes them tick at a deep level but also to show them how to confidently take consistent inspired action to earn substantial income within a purpose-filled business. – CLICK HERE FOR FULL PROFILE
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Sandra Robinson – Skills Strategies International

My mission in life is to change the world and make it a better place. I have spent many years with a quote by Margaret Mead above my desk, “Never believe that the world cannot be changed by a group of dedicated people.

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Member Spotlight – Kristen Buik


Imagine having someone on your side to help you get stuff done, to give you sound business advice and help you to achieve your goals. You’ve just found it!

Kristen Buik has helped hundreds of South Australian businesswomen by understanding their businesses and the people behind them.

She’s currently a Director and Business Advisor at Altitude Advisory with a  background in accounting.
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Member Spotlight – Amber Daines

Amber is a former print and TV journalist turned PR powerhouse, author, speaker, media trainer and business leader who consults to businesses of all shapes and sizes across Australia. With almost 20 years of communication industry expertise working in Australia and abroad, she has enjoyed a successful career in media, PR, and entrepreneurship.
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