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Perth Business Women Share and Learn over breakfast

It was just an idea?
Setting the scene…
Business Women Australia are a Perth based community of Business Women and also have a LinkedIn Group with more that 550 women associated with it.  I began thinking this was an awesome number of untapped resources and how could I bring about the connection between this group and the members of BWA.  It began with a luncheon and a presentation on “The Value of LinkedIn” by Jo Saunders which was very successful so we decided to hold a breakfast event which was also a huge success!
Jo Saunders a long time member of Business Women Australia and an expert in knowledge regarding “How to use LinkedIn for Business” and together we spoke of the possibilities of holding regular events that would include BWA members and business women from our LinkedIn Group.  The purpose of this was to bring together a diverse group of Perth Business Women so they could connect and share their expertise and stories.
Following our recent breakfast event we all agreed this has been a most successful experience for everyone.  The connections were dynamic and created a very happy and enjoyable learning environment which we will definitely be doing again in the near future.
The educational presentation was presented by Jo Saunders from Wildfire Social Marketing. The feed back has been positive and so many business women left feeling empowered with more knowledge on how they can engage with their LinkedIn account to create a profile and make useful connections to expand their business circles.
Each participant also had the opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone.  A process that was well received and had the Ladies engaged and ready to make connections.  What I liked the most was seeing the joy and authenticity whilst they share their passion.  A common denominator among all the women was they they simply want to make a positive difference by sharing their expertise and knowledge.

With so many talented Business Women at the breakfast table, I was humbled to be seated amongst them.  My dream is to encourage and inspire the women to join our community and contribute on a regular basis.
Business Women Australia offer a monthly membership with a no-lock-in contract at $44 per month. We help you market your business across all our Social Media platforms, on our event calendar and offer the opportunity to co-host events with BWA just has Jo did.  It is a real win-win opportunity!
I have personally invited all of the attendees to consider joining us and share their journey.  Here is a reminder of what we offer…

Business Women Australia Membership is available to all Business Women.  It provides you access to connecting with Business Women from many backgrounds. Perth has a lot to offer women who are seeking exposure, growth and quality connections.  So whether you are an entrepreneur, small business manager, consultant, speaker or represent a not-for-profit organisation, you are welcome in our community.
You will have the opportunity to join us at our face to face events and to advertise your own business, product, services and workshops on our beautifully designed web page. Our well established brand will have you positioned for success almost immediately you join us.
Join us and connect with other fabulous women and expand your business circles. Become a member today and create a Business Profile and Directory Listing and begin your journey alongside other like-minded business women.  Let us support you and give your digital foot-print a real chance to stand out.  We have been working on this concept for many years and your presence here will be priceless!
I want to say how grateful I am to Jo for the wonderful generosity she always shares to provide BWA with a most wonderful experience.  Click here for more from Jo.
Thank you also to our members and guests for joining us as I consider it a real privilege to have shared this experience with you.  I welcome your call if you have any questions in regard to the benefits of collaborating with BWA.
Please visit our web page for full details on all aspects of our business and to see our upcoming events.
I look forward to your comments and feedback should you wish to share.  I do hope we see you again very soon.
Warmest regards
Jennifer Rose Bryant

Call me on 0419 955 819

Visit our web page – click here

Join our LinkedIn Group – click here

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We Are Unique

Roundup with Kim Kamarudin from Clear Blue Writing

After being a member of Business Women Australia for more than 18months I have been fortunate to meet and speak with dozens of BWA members. During this time it has been a privilege to notice individual members grow – from their ability to share about what they do in their business to how they look and present themselves.

I believe this one of the points of difference with Business Women Australia. The supportive, nurturing environment provided by Director Jennifer Rose Bryant and members creates a momentum of confidence and security that members embrace and run with.

Walking in to the Peasant’s Table, in Mt Hawthorn, for the BWA Morning Tea on Wednesday 9 April I was ‘dazzled’ by how lovely Di Hamilton (USANA Networking Professional) looked. Standing at the counter waiting to order, she glowed with health and vibrancy. When I first met Di she had a big smile on her face but lacked the confidence she now exudes. She shares vividly with members about her passion for health and USANA products and she looks great! A trained nurse, Di was introduced to the products after struggling with her health. She joined the company nine years ago and as a result of the networking business has completely replaced her nursing income.

Another member I have enjoyed watching grow and thrive over the past 12months is Sheryll Fisher from Outback Initiatives. The company offers transformative experiential programs for individuals and groups. I can say from experience the programs are both mentally and physically challenging AND provide fantastic, mind-blowing breakthroughs that apply to every area of life. Sheryll shared about learning about her own leadership style and how to utilise that and other skills to work with others. “I feel privileged to be able to watch people transform during our programs,” she said.

The ever-vivacious Caroline Compton from Immerse Face & Body proudly shared about the salons one year anniversary at The Mezz – yay! The salon focuses on whole body care and treatment from using all natural skin care products to having a Doctor and a Kinesiologist available for appointments. After winning a BWA door prize from Immerse last year I treated myself to the full-body scrub, mini-facial and massage for Valentine’s Day. The experience was sublime and I walked out of the salon feeling silking smooth and relaxed. Highly recommend a visit!

It was fantastic to see more than 25 members at the morning tea event, including a handful of new members (pictured). We look forward to seeing our newest members at a coming event and hearing about their businesses.

Perth based Business Women Australia members have been strategically planning and networking.  We had a very busy March and our experiences were fabulous! Thank you so much to all the members that continue to support each other and who show up with such wonderful intentions of sharing and collaborating.  Business Women Australia believe in the power of face to face networking with the intention of being authentic and respectful.  It is a fact that we do make incredible friendships and we love supporting each other.  We are unique!

Warmest wishes
Jennifer Rose Bryant  
Managing Director


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Blank Canvas Sundowner for Business Women in Perth

The first sundowner of the year for Business Women Australia was certainly an event that exuded creativity, excitement for a new year beginning, and a strong sense of purpose and drive from all of the attending members and their guests.

Arriving at the Anna Foley Art gallery in Perth, we were greeted with an amazing display of art in a lovely open-space gallery that reflected the down-to-earth nature of the artists. White walls, colourful images, and a strong sense of space and place were evident. You really felt welcome, invited and part of the environment. I have been to a few galleries and sometimes you feel like you should just simply be observing and absorbing, but the lively chatter of the members and the welcoming ambience of the gallery just made you feel relaxed and be able to enjoy yourself.

Two incredible and inspiring women were the hosts of the event: Contemporary Artist Anna Foley and Inspirational Leader Vida Carlino from Inspiration Source.

To “paint the picture” (he-he pun intended) of the experience and the event, Vida opened the evening with a bit of visualisation for the year ahead. As she herself said “I get really excited about a new year. I am so much better for the past year, and know that this year is only going to be better because of the knowledge I have gained in the last year”.  Yep, that rings true for all of us!

As an ice-breaker, Vida took the group through a little activity – the rose and the frangipani. I won’t reveal too much here but it really did help to get to know people on a personal level. This again reflects what I value in the Business Women Australia WA group. It’s not a corporate environment and I enjoy the level of friendship in the group along with the more personal approach to networking that is so unique to this membership.

We heard from a couple of members: Helen Devereaux who has the business My Budget Trainer and is really able to help individuals and couples get on track, set realistic goals and achieve their financial independence. She has even created her own concept the Cashflow Boardgame – a strategic play for letting you take the risks you normally would in life without the “risk” and therefore understanding the implications. The second person to provide a member profile was Kath Mazzella. She introduced her campaign for Gynaecological Awareness and has been awarded the very prestigious OAM [Order of Australia} for her wonderful contributions. She has a great if quirky sense of humour which is clearly demonstrated by her very unique patch-work quilt that she designed to spread the message about her campaign. You simply have to see this glitzy and glamorous quilt for yourself. It’s something you won’t forget.

Vida then finished off the evening with a bit more goal setting: “Set the intention which will then expand your awareness to achieve these goals”. For me personally, this was absolutely in line with my goal setting for the year ahead that I had currently been working through. I particularly wanted to share this as part of the blog post because setting the intention is really opening up a range of knowledge and potential ideas that I was previously not aware about – what a wonderful concept and piece of wisdom that Vida so generously shared with us on the night. Yep, Vida is an inspirational leader.

I then got the chance to catch up with Contemporary Artist Anna Foley and asked about her favourite painting on display that evening. She talked about a piece called “Clarity”.  Her style of art is meditative visualisation and this particular piece had been a reflection of her time in India. She had made this particularly piece a focus for the night and placed it in the centre of the stage are to provide. Her aim was to provide the sense of clarity and embrace of strength for the speakers that would address the group on the night. It was a wonderful and colourful piece of artwork that demonstrated depth of colour and context throughout the entire piece. I had to ask if the piece was actually for sale because she was so passionate about the piece, and yes it is. Looking for your own clarity? Perhaps contact Anna and go see it for yourself.

To wrap up the night, we were all presented with a little gift that a few of the BWA members had created as their first experience of meditative art-form. It was a beautiful envelope with some invitations to future events. Anna has an event coming up called “The Blank Canvas”. If you want to try this out for yourself, No Experience Necessary – which of course is the best part from my perspective as there no expectations!

As an experienced Events and Marketing Campaign Specialist, I really have to commend the ladies on putting on a wonderful event. Lots of activities, lots to do and lots of time to network. What a fabulous way to start the year of 2014 while leaving with some inspiration of endless possibilities.

Contact Managing Director Jennifer Rose Bryant with your membership enquiries.

Written by:

Ruth O’Dwyer

Business Owner and Consultant

PESTEL Marketing:

GOE Lifestyle:

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Networking Morning Tea with Special Guest Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce

A handful of Business Women Australia members were fortunate to obtain a seat at the Murdoch University Women’s Networking Morning Tea with Special Guest Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce AC CVO, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia on 3 February 2014.

Director of Women in Business, Jennifer Bryant was contacted by the Chair of the African Women’s Council of Australia and Murdoch University’s Gender Equality, Diversity and Social Justice Manager, Dr Casta Tungaraza about the event.

Casta personally invited BWA members to attend and was excited to include us in the booked out event.

Her Excellency the Honourable Quentin Bryce is a gracious, graceful and beautiful woman. She spoke eloquently to the audience, acknowledging the contribution of women and vital importance of networking and networks as the foundation of communities and change.

She shared about feeling humble to have experienced so many ‘pinch me’ moments in her role as Governor-General, and the amazing women she has had the privilege to meet. She said she had learned over the over again that women share powerful bonds that transcend boundaries and that each of us stands on the shoulders of the feisty women who came before us.

Her Excellency spoke very highly of Dr Casta Tungaraza and her contribution and described her as a marvellous role model.

After formalities Business Women Australia members enjoyed morning tea and networking with other impressive women like Dr Marny Lishman from Clarity Health who is a health and community psychologist. She works with people to overcome physical, social and emotional challenges including health issues, pain, fatigue, sleep problems and depression.

I also had the pleasure of meeting marketing specialist Ruth O’Dwyer from Pestel Marketing who provides marketing solutions for an affordable price and she is passionate about living and eating sustainably.

A new member to BWA is Diane Slater. This was Diane’s first event and we welcomed her to Business Women Australia and look forward to hearing more about this amazing woman.

Written by Kim Kamarudin


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How to make connections really work for your business

Business Women Australia Morning Tea
What better way to kick off 2014 than being surrounded by a group of committed, genuine and supportive Perth business women at the Business Women Australia Morning Tea on 23 January. I certainly experience it as nourishing for the mind and soul.

More than 20 Business Women Australia members gathered at The Peasants Table in Mt Hawthorn for delicious coffee and great conversation. Oh and who could resist the straight-from-the-oven blueberry muffins.

After the usual buzz and chitchat that accompanies these events, BWA Director Jennifer Rose Bryant provided each woman with the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group and share about their business and what they are passionate about.

This can often be a nerve racking experience so we were lucky Beth from “Beth Little Mind and Body” was there to lead us through a relaxing Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It was fabulous!

Beth specialises in remedial massage, reflexology, reiki, Indian head massage, and EFT with Matrix Reimprinting. She shared about her passion to educate, care and heal people from the perspective that what happens with our bodies physically, comes from something that originated in the mind. It is a perspective that is becoming more and more well known and is a ‘way of life’ that involves really looking for and identifying what challenges or stops us in taking action, in communication and in our relationships. Beth’s contribution created a great space for the rest of the introductions.

Our very own Business Women Australia Nanna, aka Lesley Dewar, was rocking her leopard outfit, including ears, at the morning tea. Lesley uses costumes, props and books to entertain and ignite the imaginations of children as of her business “Stories my Nana Tells”.

Then there was Louise Matson from “Louise M Shoes” who provides funky, modern corporate shoes for women who work on their feet – which is all of us isn’t it? Louise hand picks the designs she sells and has a variety available for women to check out.

Each of the women who shared about themselves and their business spoke from the heart and listened to others speaking with generosity and encouragement. As often occurs at BWA events, I find it encouraging seeing such honesty, commitment and a willingness to contribute to one another. Business Women Australia events are more than just a networking event. It’s an uplifting experience because every woman has a gift to share and as attendees we have the privilege of hearing about and receiving that gift.

Vida Carlino for example is an inspiration coach who enables women to discover and connect with their true spirit and then implement that in to their businesses. She works with individuals and groups Australia-wide. Vida also hosts Mastermind coaching sessions (with five to seven people) to provide a concentrated effort in order for participants to take their businesses to the next level.  Visit “Inspiration Source” and book into an upcoming experience.

I could go on and on but I think you get the idea of the calibre of amazing BWA women at this event.

If you read this and think “they sound amazing, I can’t possibly compare to those women” then I’m sorry but you are wrong! BWA members all started somewhere and some are just starting out.

What makes Business Women Australia unique is way events are created. Jennifer makes a point to know and welcome each and every member and we are encouraged to be ourselves and connect and collaborate with like-minded business women.

So, no matter what stage you are at with your business I invite you to attend an event and experience the amazing community I’m talking about.

By Kim Kamarudin

Creative Director and Member of BWA


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